LSC-Montgomery History Department

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The history department seeks to engage students through the twin channels of quality and innovation. Computer technology, group learning, and other non-traditional methods of instruction combine to help a higher percentage of students be successful. The high caliber of our friendly risk-taking, professional faculty ensures the quality of the instruction delivered in this manner. The history team is proud of its achievement in these areas.


BASS Division
Dean of Instruction

Department Chair

Kirk Bennett
Dean of Instruction
Phone: 936.273.7321                    
Office: F-355
Amy Curry
Department Chair
Phone: 936.273.7057
Office: A-220F

History Faculty
Craig Livingston
Phone: 936.273.732
Office: A-220J

Elizabeth Sze
Phone: 936.271.6115
Office: A-220B

Betsy Powers
Phone: 936.273.7036
Office: A-220H

William Morgan
Associate Professor
Phone: 936.273.7355
Office: A-220A