Library Instruction Request

NOTE: Due to technological issues, the library instruction request form is not available at this time.

For an effective library session, please schedule classes ahead of time, plan to attend the session, and discuss the assignment requirements with your students prior to class.

Follow the instructions below to request a library instruction session:

  1. Please send an email to an address below based on the college location you wish to contact for instruction.
  2. Include the following information so your request can receive prompt and efficient processing.
    • Name and contact email and phone number
    • Campus or center location
    • Course name and number
    • Section number
    • Number of students
    • Date and start/end time for the library instruction session
    • List assignment description, sample topics, and specific resources you would like to be featured.

LSC-Carver Center:
LSC-Conroe Center:
LSC-Fairbanks Center: 
LSC-Greenspoint Center:
LSC-North Harris:
LSC-Willowchase Center: