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Student Library Technology Advisory Club


The mission is to provide input and student perspective to assist the LSC-North Harris Library in responding to the changing information needs of 21st century students.

What we Do

Club members learn from each other, in a friendly and collaborative spirit, to play, create, design, print, mill, and make!

When we Meet

The club meets every Thursday, during the regular fall and spring calendar, at 2 p.m. in the Makerspace.  (Subject to change.)


  • Respond to various surveys on topics related to library resources, services, and image
  • Provide insight into the study habits of our student population
  • Solicit input from peers via polls or other means of communication on various topics
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations for improving services and resources
  • Work with library faculty and staff to shape the LSC-North Harris library into a 21st century library

2016-2017 Major Accomplishments

  • Group assited librarians in various Makerspace events.
  • President of the club guided middle school tours in the Makerspace.
  • Vice President hosted and taught an origami workshop.
  • Various club members and officers assisted students with Photoshop, 3-D printing, video editing, large format printing, milling, soldering, and much more.
  • Club hosted an open workshop on soldering.
  • Club assisted with securing several grants by providing feedback.  
  • The Makerspace recieved funding to purchase two 3-D printers, desktop scanner, large format 3-D printer, 2 Sphero robots, 2 Lego Mindstorm robots, 1 3-D printing pen, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift + Touch.
  • The library in collaboration with the Visual Communication department was awarded funds to set up a room-scale VR lab with six stations.
  • The club has a set of board games in the Makerspace that is avaialble to groups visiting the Makerspace.

2015-2016 Major Accomplishments

  • Group participated in various conferences.
  • Group assisted librarians in the Makerspace grand opening.
  • Group hosted various pop-up makerspaces around campus.
  • Group was instrumental in the daily tasks of the Makerspace.
  • Group worked with the 3D pen, 3D printer, CNC Mill, 3D scanner, and SMARTBoards.

2014-2015 Major Accomplishments

  • Group provided feedback on the use of gaming mechanics in library instruction.
  • Group provided feedback on the use of their own devices in library instruction.
  • Group piloted the use of Nearpod and Socrative during a session.  They approved the use of these apps for library instruction in order to increase engagement.
  • Group worked with Google Glass.
  • Group worked with WiDi technology such as Apple TV and Screenbeam to project onto a large LCD screen from their devices in the Practice Presentation room.
  • Group worked with our collaborative tables, and they highly recommend the use of Apple TV and Screenbeam to be added to this service.
  • Group provided feedback on the Research and College Success Apps and Tools page.
  • Group worked with Technology Librarian on various grants such as Google Glass, Makerspaces, and SMARTboards.  We were awarded two of these grants (Google Glass and Makerspace).
  • Group voted to change the name of the original club from Student Library Advisory Club to the Student Library Technology Advisory Club.  They felt that this name better represented their work.
  • Group worked with Google Cardboard.
  • Group members voted to become an official club through Student Life.  (Prior to Spring 2015, we had been a department-sponsored club.)
  • Club officers presented their first workshop in the library on Thursday, April 30.  The presentation covered wearables, Google Glass, WiDi, AppleTV, Makerspaces, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

2013-2014 Major Accomplishments

  • Group provided feedback on the use of the Aurasma app for student engagement in an Academic Integrity workshop.  Reported positive feedback.
  • Group provided feedback on the use of interactive activities in D2L using SoftChalk and StudyMate.  Made recommendations and reported positive feedback.
  • Group piloted Library 101, and reported positive feedback.
  • Group piloted the 3D printer and provided recommendations for marketing.
  • Members from SLAC assisted with campus outreach services during Senior Star visits.

2012-2013 Major Accomplishments

  • From one of their recommendations, we increased marketing to include a captive audience in restroom stalls.
  • Group provided feedback on the current state of library e-books, and created an E-Book survey.
  • Group provided feedback on the furniture, carpet, and decor.
  • Group provided feedback on the main Library page redesign.
  • Increased marketing to include in-house promotion of our services on every Library Student Research computer with a customized desktop background.
  • Explored and provided very positive feedback on NBC Learn and Films On Demand on mobile devices.
  • Piloted and tested instructions on accessing our e-book collection on Kindle Fire devices.
  • 2013 Club President, Lorinzia Hannah, interviewed the 2013 Student Poet Laureate, Imani "Clio" Lang.


Club Advisors

  • Norma Drepaul, Professor/Librarian
  • Katie McGittigan, Professor/Librarian
  • Terry Gonzalez, Library Circulation Administrative Specialist
  • Randall Paulk, Office of Technology Services Director


Presentation slides: http://opn.to/a/yEqJl