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 Multisystem & General Links   Histology  Cell Biology 
 Digestive System   Cardiovascular System   Muscular System
 Reproductive System  Nervous System  Respiratory System 
 Skeletal System   Endocrine System   Immune System


Multisystem and General Links

Medical Dictionary
LSCS Library Database - Health and Medicine
Hole's Anatomy 12th Ed Companion Website (Animations, Quizzes, Chapter Outlines, and Flashcards)
Biology 10th Ed. Companion Website (Animations, Quizzes, Chapter Outlines, and Flashcards)
Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th Ed. Companion Website (Animations, Quizzes, Chapter Outlines, and Flashcards)
LSC-North Harris Biology Department
Body Smart (all systems covered)
National Cancer Institute  (all systems covered)
Virtual Labs
Biology and Anatomy Animations with Short Quizzes (Awesome site with lots of topics!)


Interactive Histology: Multiple Systems
Respiratory Tissues
Organ System Pathology

Cell Biology

Cells Alive!
Cellular Transport
YouTube: Transcription
Translation Animation
YouTube: Mitosis
YouTube: Photosynthesis (Light Reactions)
YouTube: Cellular Respiration (ETC)
YouTube: Cellular Respiration (Proton Gradient)
YouTube: Journey through a Cell
YouTube: Lac Operon
DNA Replication: Leading and Lagging Strands

Digestive System

National Geographic: Interactive Digestion
Good for understanding cholesterol differences
YouTube: Insulin Signaling

Cardiovascular System

YouTube: Explanation of ECG
Patient Guide to Heart Surgery
WebMD: How the heart works
How Stuff Works: The Heart
Abdominal Arteries Diagram

Muscular System

Interactive Muscle Review
Muscle Atlas: Extremities
Loyola University: Master Muscle List
YouTube: Sliding Filament Theory
Interactive Muscle Contraction
Great Muscle Contraction Animation

Reproductive System

Interactive Female Reproductive
Egg Production
Formation of Twins
Formation of Placenta
Sperm Production

Nervous System

Cow Eye Dissection Videos
Cranial Nerves
Nerve Conduction Overview

Respiratory System

Gas Exchange Animation

Skeletal System

Interactive Tutorial

Endocrine System

Drag and Drop Hormone Matching
System Review with Quiz
Table: Glands, Hormones, Deficiency, and Excess Symptoms
Endocrine Disorders

Immune System

Cellular Immune Response Animation
Humoral Immune Response Animation
YouTube: Flu Attack!
YouTube: HIV Replication
System Overview: NIH