Lone Star College offers a variety of benefit programs to meet the needs of its employees. To be eligible for benefits an employee must:

  • Be employed over one-half time (50 percent full-time equivalent) or more; or
  • Be hired for a term of four and one-half months or longer; or
  • Occupy a regular full-time position.

This area provides general information about the LSC employee benefits program. The purpose of the summary is to acquaint individuals and eligible dependents with benefits available to individuals in order to select the coverage which best meets their individual needs.


Current employees with Benefits questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the following for prompt assistance.

  • General inquiries, please contact your Human Resources Manager (HRM) at your location.
  • Specific benefit questions, please contact LSC Benefits Specialist, Chaniquah Brown, at 832-813-6209
  • Leave of Absence, including FLMA questions, please contact LSC Benefits Specialist, Carlitha Robinson, at 832-813-6602
  • For immediate Human Resources assistance, please contact our HR Customer Service Help Line at 832-813-6767

We look forward to serving you.