The Lyceum Speaker Series at LSC-Montgomery provides a variety of lectures throughout the year that are based on sociological, historical, economic, political, psychological, and spiritual views. All campus and community members are invited to attend this free lecture--as well as all other Lyceum events throughout the year.


What the Ancient Maya and Mexican Writing Tell Us About History

University of Houston, director of the chief laboratory of the visual arts, as well as professor of fine arts
Dr. Rex Koontz
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11:30 a.m., Music Hall (Bldg. H)

12 p.m., Recital Hall (Bldg. H, Room 102)

Dr. Koontz's presentation "What the Ancient Maya and Mexican Writing Tell Us About History" will focus on the growing body of historical information in various Ancient American writing systems. Long before the Aztec, the Maya and others were writing their histories. What do these writings tell us about Ancient Maya and Mexican history before the coming of the Spanish? How are these writings deciphered? What were the ancients interested in recording? Dr. Koontz will cover this and more possibly even helping the audience decipher a page from an ancient manuscript. more »