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Foundations of Excellence

Lone Star College-Montgomery's Foundations of Excellence®

Foundations of Excellence in the first college year logo At our fall 2010 Convocation we announced that Lone Star College-Montgomery was selected to be a part of Foundations of Excellence (FoE). More than 100 universities and colleges belong to FoE, and all are committed to transforming the way they provide quality services to first-year students. In joining with these colleges, LSC-Montgomery can benchmark itself against some of the very best institutions in the country. Our willingness to examine our strengths and weaknesses will be critical as we move toward the goal of providing our students with the very best experience they can achieve in their formative first year at LSC-Montgomery.

Since that time, we have administered two surveys – one to faculty and staff and one to students.  Currently we are in the process of examining the results and creating a plan of action for improvement.  We will look to implement our plan in the Fall of 2011. 


Foundations of Excellence® Results

The Results are in!

Here are some brief points concerning our FoE surveys and their results:

  • 448 faculty and staff responded (response rate = 60%).
  • Over 1,400 students responded.
  • LSC-Montgomery was given an overall rating of Good or Excellent by 4 out of 5 first-year students.
  • The Learning Dimension had some of the highest scores
    8 out of 10 students feel that their instructor uses effective teaching methods.
    7 out of 10 students feel that their instructor provides individual attention.
  • New Student Orientation is improving first-year students’ organizational knowledge- more students know where to go if they have an administrative or academic question.


For more interesting results follow the link to our PowerPoint and see why we conclude …

  • LSC-Montgomery is on the path from Good to Excellent
  • Although we face challenges along the path, we are confident we will succeed because…
    Learning is our top Dimension
    The things we are doing now are working (e.g., New Student Orientation)


PowerPoint of Interesting Results

Student Survey Results

FoE Student Results (1st Year Focus)
FoE Student Results (Factors in Descending Order)

Faculty and Staff Results:

FoE Fac-Staff Results (1st Year Focus)
FoE Fac-Staff Results (Factors in Descending Order)

About the Surveys

Overall, there are 2 sources of information – students and employees.  Each group answered questions about two student subpopulations – first-year students and potential transfer students.  Both employees and students answer questions along different dimensions, or factors relevant to student experiences.  The 9 dimensions are:

1.    Philosophy

2.    Organization 

3.    Learning

4.    Campus Culture

5.    Transitions

6.    All Students

7.    Diversity

8.    Roles and Purposes 

9.    Improvement (not answered by students)