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What is process technology?

Process Technology: An Education That Pays

It is a science of manufacturing that contains all the elements of production which will control the quality of a product.

A process technician is a key member of a team of people responsible for planning, analyzing, and controlling the production of products from the acquisition of raw materials through the production and distribution of products to customers in a variety of process industries.

Career Outlook

Process technicians have many career paths in various process related industries including Chemical, Petrochemical, Refining, Exploration & Production, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Utilities, Food & Beverage, and Water/Wastewater.

Technicians in Demand

Process technicians will be in demand more than ever in the coming years.  A shortage of process technicians currently exists within the chemical, oil & gas exploration and production, power generation industries.  Compounding the problem is the abnormally high number of retirements projected over the next ten years.  Companies are hungry for qualified workers who possess the skills and knowledge needed to perform successfully in this fast-paced job.

Job Placement

Salaries can vary widely depending on location.  Process Technology graduates earn starting salaries of approximately $70,000 per year.  With experience, graduates can earn higher salaries and advance to technician supervisors, which can pay more than $100,000 per year.

Lone Star College is a North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) associated college.