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III.E.1.  Naming of Facilities

III.E.1.01 Policy for Naming of Facilities

The Board may name a facility, center, or academic program to recognize a donor for his or her generosity to the System or a college, or to recognize distinguished leadership or service.  The Chancellor is authorized to develop procedures for the proposal and recommendation of names for facilities.

Only a major gift to the System or a college for construction or renovation of facilities qualifies for naming a facility. Major gifts include:

  1. A gift equal to the total costs of the project.
  2. The major gift among numerous contributions for a project (the major gift would exceed 50% of the other contributions).
  3. A Board-approved pre-determined gift level for naming opportunities in a campaign.

In exceptional circumstances, the Board may recognize an individual based upon distinguished leadership and/or service to the System over an extended period of time, by the naming of a facility, center or academic program after that person.


LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on August 7, 2008

III.E.2. Facilities Maintenance

III.E.2.01 Repairs and Replacements of Facilities

An internally designated reserve fund in the Current Funds Group, known as the Buildings, Grounds and Equipment: Repair and Replacement Fund (“R&R Fund”), is set aside for the repair or replacement of major capital items.  The fund will accumulate reserves annually from non-mandatory transfers and investment revenues at an annual rate equal to two percent (2%) of two-thirds of the total asset valuation, excluding inventory and sites.

The definition of Capital Improvements will be: any item that if not repaired will adversely affect the value of the Capital Asset.  The threshold for any R&R project will be $5,000.

The R&R Fund will be used for the repair or replacement of existing capital assets. R&R funds may also be used for the cost of the portion of a project attributable to changes in governing codes or the American with Disabilities Act.

The System Facilities Planning and Construction Department will coordinate with the Colleges in developing proposed R&R fund projects and budgets.  The Board of Trustees shall approve all projects proposed for the R&R Fund.

If deviations from the approved R&R Fund project list are deemed necessary, Plant Directors or approved representatives shall develop the request for a deviation.  The request shall include the new proposed project, justification, anticipated budget, and the project(s) that will be replaced.  The request shall be sent to the System Director of Facilities for review.  If recommended to proceed, the request shall be sent to the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs/CFO for final approval and notice to proceed.  Net increases or decreases to the original budget must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

III.E.2.02 Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

Every System building shall be well-maintained, kept in a sanitary condition, and shall conform to established standards of good public health, engineering practices, codes, and regulations.  Refer to Health and Safety code 341.065 for details.


LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on August 7, 2008

III.E.3.  Use of Facilities

III.E.3.01  Facilities Renovation

The System Facilities Planning and Construction Department shall be notified of any renovation, significant maintenance and repairs, or replacements that deviate from the original or current design for all buildings, grounds or equipment.  They shall also be notified of any replacement of building fixtures, or alteration of access or accommodations of the buildings and grounds, which are used by the public, and may be required to meet ADA standards.  All, projects requiring building code reviews, permitting and professional services shall be coordinated with System Facilities Planning and Construction.


LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on August 7, 2008