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LSC-Tomball Speech Department

In most of our abilities we differ not at all from the animals; we are in act behind many in swiftness and strength and other resources. But because there is born in us the Save Freedom of Speech posterpower to persuade each other and to show ourselves whatever we wish, we not only have escaped living as brutes, but also by coming together we have founded cities and set up laws and invented arts and speech has helped us attain practically all of the things we have devised...

By speech we refute the wicked and praise the good. By speech we educate the ignorant and inform the wise. We regard the ability to speak properly as the best sign of intelligence, and truthful, legal, and just speech is the reflection of a good and trustworthy soul… If I must sum up on this subject, we shall find that nothing done with intelligence is done without speech.

Isocrates Antidosis

The Speech program offers college transfer and skill development courses that involve students in building relevant skills necessary for success in college-level courses.

The Speech Communication department at Lone Star College–Tomball is devoted to the study of communication techniques from the public, business, small group, interpersonal, and intrapersonal contexts.

We offer courses that challenge the student to improve on skills necessary to their academic, business, civic, and personal lives.

We emphasize both theoretical and practical application of that theory.  In addition, we are committed to educating students about being effective critical thinkers and ethical communicators.

The department supports various student activities on campus including student forums and the Lone Star College–Tomball debate team.

Debate Club

Founded in the Fall of 2003, this student club is dedicated to the art of public dialogue as a means of resolving disputed issues. Critical thinking and clear arguments using ethical strategies are our goals. Practice in debate will positively impact your leadership skills and will enhance your capacities for any professional career.

Currently, the club is participating in Parliamentary debate tournaments in the local area.
Parliamentary debate requires no formal debate background to participate. Anyone from any major can participate with the Lone Star College–Tomball debate club.

The club regularly elects officers and participates in the Student Government Association.
The club will shortly be affiliated with a number of professional organizations as a means of giving its members the widest possible access to the debate community and the opportunities available.

We welcome you to drop in on any of our meetings, typically held weekly on campus. Students need not participate in tournaments to be members, though such participation is encouraged.

Faculty and Staff

Debra Parish
Department Chair, Professor
Phone: 281.351.3341
Office: S 153G

Jared Cootz
Dean, Instruction
Phone: 281.357.3342
Office: W 219

Adriane Hutchison
Division Operations Manager
Phone: 281.357.3760
Office: W 219

Deena Donaho
Division Operations Specialist
Phone: 281.357.3798
Office: W 219

Clark Friesen
Phone: 281.401.1807
Office: E 213L

Sean Tiffee
Assistant Professor
Phone: 281-401-1858
Office: E213H