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Thank you for your interest in Student Life! Starting a new club or organization on campus is one of the greatest experiences during collegiate life. Along with the creation of these organizations comes many tasks that must be completed prior to creation and throughout the duration of the club/organization. The information below provides a basic outline of how to start a club and the expectations/requirements associated with student clubs and organizations.

Club Proposal (Steps Required):

Step One: Completed Application

Step Two: Secure an Advisor/Sponsor

Every club/organization is required to have at least one (Full-Time) faculty/staff member from either the LSC-CyFair campus, LSC-Cypress Center or the LSC-Fairbanks Center who is willing to dedicate their time to help ensure that the club succeeds and meets all requirements to remain active.

  • Clubs may have more than one advisor/sponsor but must always have one advisor who is Full-Time.
  • Prospective advisors must sign an Advisor’s Contact & Agreement Form and submit it to the Student Life Office.
  • TIP: Depending on whatever your club proposal revolves around, you should attempt to contact a professor/staff member from a department closely related to the concept. Keep in mind that an advisor is simply another form of resource for clubs/organizations. Club/organizations should be led by the students whom hold officer positions as described in the constitution.

Step Three: Enroll Members/Students

Every club/organization is required to have at least eight (8) interested members (students) whom are willing to join and commit to starting the club.

  • 2016-2017 RSO Membership Roster form with contact information must be submitted to the Student Life Office.
  • All members must be enrolled at either the LSC-CyFair campus and/or the Fairbanks Center.
  • All members must be in good standing with the college – Please review LSC-Probation and Suspension rules.
  • All clubs are required to have the potential students whom will hold officer positions clearly labeled.

Step Four: File a Constitution

Upon completing the above steps, a constitution must also be submitted to the Student Life Office and approved by the Student Government Association. Advisor(s) and members should consult the Student Life Office during the preparation of this document to ensure that a formal and presentable document is submitted.

  • The General Constitution Format/Template may be used as an outline and/or reference to what is required.
  • Copies of active/inactive club constitutions can be obtained in the Student Life Office in LRNC 141.

Step Five: Report to Student Life

Once all of the above has been completed, bring your completed application (Steps One-Four) to the Center for Student Life office in LRNC 141. Please note that all proposals will be reviewed thoroughly prior to being “recognized” as an official club/organization. Additional requirements may be requested.

Please remember that you are responsible in ensuring that all portions of your application are completed in full prior to presenting it to the Center for Student Life. Any application that fails to do so may be immediately disregarded.