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Please view the links below for club descriptions and contact information regarding registered student organizations. View the Sports page if you're interested in participating in physically active clubs.

Active Clubs/Organizations

Can't find a club? Consider starting your own!

4N6 (Speech & Debate)

4N6 purpose is to provide interested students in an educationally valid experience in competitive speech events, encourage the development of abilities in both original and interpretive speaking to levels of of excellence beyond the reach of the classroom, and provide service where polished speaking skills may make members useful to the college and larger community. (Club currently under reorganization)*
Contact: Student Life

Alpha Omega Ministry

The Alpha Omega Ministry at Lone Star College-CyFair aims to help people get closer to God. Our purpose revolves around creating a community of students who enjoy discussing the bible and growing in friendship. 

American Society for Quality

The objectives of this Student Branch shall be the advancement of the theory and practice of quality and the allied arts and sciences, and the maintenance of high professional standing among its members. This Student Branch shall have as its purposes the following: (1) encouraging and providing the means for the development of high professional skills in students, (2) enlightening the students of this educational institution as to the nature and the loftiness of the quality profession, and (3) such other purposes as may be identified by the Society.
Visit club webpage
Contact: Bo Cui

Anime Club

We are a community of like-minded people who wish to come together to enjoy and experience Japanese culture and art while also spreading awareness of our community.
Contact: Melanie Wachsmann


The members of the Symphonic Band, the Jazz Ensemble, and the Camber Ensembles comprise the Band Club.  In order to "Make More Music," the Band Club promotes membership and retention, peruses excellence in performance, and serves the college as musical ambassadors to the community.
Contact: John Wolfskill

Baptist Student Ministry

A weekly gathering fueled by friendly competition, free lunch, encouragement and guidance on life's difficult challenges, as well as, an opportunity to meet other students on campus.
Contact: Angella Bell

Billiards 8-Ball

Billiards 8-Ball club offers to students a unique way to connect and socialize with the LSC-CyFair community. By playing and teaching the game of pool, members will get the chance to network and meet new people on campus.
Contact: Todd Thomas

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) will be focused on the building of the black community, but membership is by no means limited to just the black community. Our Vision for BSU is to serve the LSC-CyFair campus with cultural, educational and social initiatives as we aim to build leaders, promote unity and contribute to student success. We will live by the motto of S.T.R.I.V.E., which is stands for "Service, Tenacity, Reflection, Intellect, Virtue and Excellence".
Contact: Jarrick V. Brown or Kelli Vorish 

Bowling Club

The Bowling Club aims to help those who do not know how to bowl improve their skills in a friendly atmosphere. The club will also foster a sense of community and provide guidance on how to play the game.

Business Savvy Club

The Business Savvy Club offers to its members amazing opportunities to learn how to be an effective entrepreneur. They will learn how to receive capital, get the opportunity to raise money for business ventures, networking opportunities, as well as receive advice on how to be successful and stand out from the rest. (Club currently under reorganization)*
Contact: Student Life

Caribbean Student Organization

The purpose of this organization shall be to foster relationships between Caribbean students at Lone Star College-CyFair and the greater community. In doing so it aims to share Caribbean culture between students including history, music, food, traditions and dress. This organization also aims to be a resource for West Indian students to adapt to American culture and forge partnerships with the Houston community.
Contact: Celia Barnes 

Catholic Student Union

CSU is a group designated for students who are eager to spread the love, joy, and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the LSC-CyFair community.  We also welcome those who are seeking a Christian faith and would like to know more about the Catholic faith.  This will be accomplished through prayer, sacred scripture, catechism, apologetics, and campus events.
Contact: Jose Rodriguez

Chess Club

The Mission of Chess Club is five-fold: to provide a safe place to play and study chess in an effort to improve; to translate improvement in chess into academic success; to foster development of critical thinking skills; to promote peace and harmony among a diverse student population; to sponsor a chess team to compete in local and national chess competitions. Visit the Chess Table outside the Cyber Café for a relaxing game of chess! Register for Chess Club at lonestar.edu/chess-registration.htm.
Visit club webpage
Contact: Todd Thomas

Composer's Club

We aim to provide a forum for discussion of music theory, contemporary  concert music, student-written works, and composers and their repertoire. This forum and related activities on and off campus will allow for both the knowledge of members as well as to create an environment that encourages the creation, performance, and enjoyment of contemporary concert music.
Contact: Aaron Alon

Computer Science

The Computer Science Club brings together computer science students to improve learning, provide support and further engagement in extracurricular activities.
Contact: Nina Javaher

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is dedicated in establishing an open environment where students from LSC-CyFair, Fairbanks Center and the Cypress Center can collaborate and share their work together under the mentorship of nurturing faculty.
Contact: Michelle Brown

Criminal Justice Club

The purpose of the Criminal Justice Club is to broaden students' understanding and familiarity with the Criminal Justice System by organizing and conducting seminars, demonstrations, field trips, and sponsoring guest speakers. The CJC provides students with information on different choices, and the opportunity to discuss issues and current events that are directly related to Criminal Justice and other closely related fields.
Contact: Jennifer Bourgeois


Cru is a group designed for students who are eager to spread the love and joy of Jesus Christ in their community through a variety of efforts. Cru has a mission to share the love of Jesus Christ with the Lone Star College-CyFair community by leading them to faith in God through Jesus Christ, guiding members in Christian growth and discipleship, and providing opportunities to be involved in responsible church membership.
Facebook TwitterVisit club webpage
Contact: Club E-Mail or Shawn Miller

Dance Team

The purpose of this organization is to support our college, promote the LSC-CyFair spirit, and provide entertainment at college and community activities.
Contact: Courtney Ned

Diverse Dancers

The Diverse Dance Club strives to increase awareness of dance within the LSC-CyFair community. We seek to provide a supportive and productive environment for the exploration of dance technique and performance. The Diverse Dance Club offers master classes, workshops and several performance opportunities. We welcome anyone who loves dance!
Contact: Irene Ko

Economics Club

Economics Club purpose is to engage participants in discussions about the local and global economy, improve knowledge and interest in the subject, and build relationships among people.
Contact: Amlan Datta

Equality Beyond Gender Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to gather students from Lone Star College-CyFair to put their efforts together for one common interest. We aim to create awareness and positive action in the community regarding social issues related to notions of gender and sexuality.
Contact: Melanie Steel


Future American Sign Language Interpreters strives to encourage students to participate in public affairs related to interpreting careers, inform interpreters about their rights as students and as future interpreters, and recruit students to the interpreting career and let them know interpreting is an option as a profession. A continuous goal of FASLI is to involve future interpreters more fully in the Deaf community in order to create awareness of the many different communities represented at LSC-CyFair and other communities.
Contact: Leyel Hudson

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA seeks to present coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
Contact: Student Life

Future Professional Educators

Our club is open to any student who has the desire to become an educator or is interested in entering the field of education. We have several events throughout the year where you will be given the opportunities to network with others in the field and to connect with resources that you will need as you move through your educational pathway. FPE is a charter of ATPE, a State Teacher Organization that serves to the needs of educators in Texas. As a part of this club, you will become a member of ATPE as well. If you need a place to meet new and exciting people and have some fun, you've found it. We welcome you with open arms and look forward to meeting you!
Contact: Shamim Arastu


The organization will serve to showcase the talents of student singers, musicians, and dancers in musical theatre, rock, pop, R&B, hip hop, and other popular idioms. The club will also perform works written by students in the popular songwriting class. Non-performing students will also have opportunities to participate through technical work.
Contact: Aaron Alon

Global Friendship Club

The purpose of the Global Friendship Club is to allow current students taking any ESOL classes at Lone Star College-CyFair the opportunity to participate in activities that promote community involvement and enhance communication skills.
Contact: William Deese

Humanitarian Connection

The purpose of the Humanitarian Connection is to better the lives of the living and those who need support the most through club members volunteering for charitable organizations, assisting at events sponsored by nonprofit organizations and through the establishment of events on or off campus to further the social action emphasis of repairing the world or making our campus a better place. 
Contact: Shamim Arastu

International Heritage Society

Our purpose is to establish and maintain a social club that will foster the exchange of knowledge and best practices in regard to multiculturalism with a view to facilitate the inclusion of participation of students and faculty from varied cultural backgrounds; to reinforce the sense of belonging to the community and LSC-CyFair college by helping individuals know each other and become more active in the community and the college.
Contact: Milton Kandeh

Latter Day Saints Student Association

Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ as well as provide an environment in which we can educate and serve the community at LSC-CyFair.
Contact: Teresa Walling or Melvin Anthony


This group provides a support system for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender students. The purpose of the group is to promote acceptance and diversity while providing a safe atmosphere free of prejudice. (Club currently under reorganization)*
Contact: Student Life

SIDO (Logistics Club)

We seek to engage members in discussions about the local and global logistics industry, expand knowledge and interest in the subject, and build relationships within the local business community.
Contact: Jon Sorensen

Math Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in Mathematics.
ContactJonathan Davis

Men's Basketball

This organization's purpose is to promote the LSC-CyFair Spirit and compete in athletics with other colleges, as well as enhancing students' academic opportunities.
Contact: Robert Byrd

Performance Troupe

LSC-CyFair Performance Troupe provides any Lone Star College-CyFair Student with an interest in Theatre Arts an opportunity to discuss their love of theatre, take part in all aspects of the theatre production, engage in social activities, and plan events.
Visit club webpage
Contact: Club E-Mail or Deyanira Johnson

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa has a purpose to promote scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship among qualified students. Members must maintain a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
Contact: Blake Ellis 


This club is designed to help pre-pharmacy students gain access to information and opportunities in the pharmacy field.
Contact: Smruti Desai

Psychology "Get Psyched"

We strive to explain, predict, change and influence behavior in order to make positive and lasting changes in student's lives.
Contact: Jason Fernandez

Radiology Student Association

The Radiology Student Association has a purpose to improve communication between radiology program students and the community, to model professionalism, to provide members with knowledge of the radiology field, and expand community knowledge of radiation safety and healthy living.
Contact: Kathy Whitfield

Science and Engineering Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific and engineering world.
Contact: Dario Martinez or Yiheng Wang


The purpose of the Lone Star College-CyFair Singers is to support education-related competitive opportunities for students enrolled in any of the vocal courses or programs.
Contact: Alex Qian

Men's Soccer

Our organization is an outlet for students to participate in team sports, develop social skills, engage and demonstrate sportsmanship both on and off the field, have fun, be physically active and play soccer games.
Contact: Tiffany Lane

Sociology Club

The Sociology Club seeks to make LSC-CyFair students aware of socially relevant issues and expose them to the field of sociology while promoting education inside and outside of the classroom. They also strive to provide opportunities for members to cultivate enthusiasm and energy about sociology through activities such as social events, field trips, conventions, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers, and group discussions.
Contact: Kelli Vorish

Students of Diverse Abilities

Students of Diverse Abilities is an organization that recognizes the equality of all people, especially those who have challenges in life. This group is dedicated to support one another and the organizations that we intend to work with.
Contact: Joseph Nast or Stephanie Dillon

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association seeks to strengthen outreach efforts between students and Lone Star College-CyFair by creating a vehicle for effective communication.
Facebook TwitterVisit club webpage
Contact: Ovidio Galvan

Student Nurse's Organization

The purpose of the Student Nursing Organization is to to help our students learn and execute the highest standards of quality healthcare, to provide program representation of fundamental and current professional interest and concerns, to promote cultural awareness in order to help our nurses treat the client holistically, to aid in the preparation of student nurses for the assumption of professional responsibilities.
Contact: Sara Lewandoski

Student Programming Board

The purpose of SPB shall be to assist the Office of Student Life in providing events throughout the year for LSC-CyFair.
Contact: Marla Figueroa or Jarrick V. Brown

Tabletop (Board Game Club)

The LSC-CyFair Board Game Club was developed as a method to integrate students of the community interested in board and card games, to introduce this community to games new and old that will broaden their scope of this particular genre of gaming, and to have fun doing it! We also aim to go beyond the campus of Lone Star College by getting involved with the organizations that have and support youth programs of the same nature.
Contact: Benjamin Mason


The purpose of this organization is to promote tennis at LSC-CyFair College and compete against other colleges and universities.
Contact: Donna Millington

Women in STEM

We seek to engage more women in the field of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We also aim to facilitate not only their growth but familiarize them with STEM. Despite our main focus being women any other gender/sex is welcomed to join.
Contact: Nina Javaher

Women's Basketball

Our Students will participate in team sports, develop social skills, engage and demonstrate sportsmanship both on and off the field, have fun, be physically active and play inter-league games against other clubs and colleges.
Contact: Tiffany Lane

Women's Soccer

Students will participate in team sports, develop social skills, engage and demonstrate sportsmanship both on and off the field, have fun, be physically active and play inter-league games against other clubs and colleges.
Contact: Tiffany Lane

Women's Volleyball

LSC-CyFair students will participate in team sports, develop social skills, engage and demonstrate sportsmanship both on and off the field, have fun, be physically active and play inter-league games against other clubs and colleges.
Contact: Tiffany Lane


The X-Presate Hispanic Student Organization has a purpose to promote academic excellence, preserve Hispanic culture, teach the Spanish language, and assist Hispanic students in adapting to American culture.
Contact: Marla Figueroa 

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