We are the Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Writing Center at LSC - Montgomeryandthe ConroeCenter. Our writing consultantsinclude faculty from various disciplines. We are available for one-on-one consultations to help with any writing project at any stage of the writing process.

LSC-Montgomery Room G103, The Write Place

Location and Contact Info

LSC-Montgomery The Write Place
Location: General Academic Center, G-103
Phone: 936.273.7055
Email: TheWritePlace@lonestar.edu
LSC-Conroe Center The Write Place
Location: CC-201
Email: TheWritePlace@lonestar.edu


You canmake an appointment in person, by email or phone call. Otherwise, just drop by, but there may be a queue.

Hours of Operation for Spring, 2015

Campus Location Date Time
LSC-Montgomery G-103
Monday-Thursday 9:00am to5:00pm
Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm
Saturday 11:00am to 3:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm to 5:00pm
LSC-Conroe Center CC-201 Monday-Thursday 10:00am - 2:00pm

Check the LSCS Academic Calendar for official dates of closure.

What We Offer

  • 12 Computers with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office2013 (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • One-on-one writing consultations of around 30 minutes in length
  • Quick assistance whenever a consultant is available
  • Dozens of reference handouts and books on writing and related topics
  • Free informative workshops scheduled throughout the semester

Our writing consultants do not take over or"fix"your work, but come alongside to help you be a better writer. Ourphilosophy centers on the process, not a product. We can, however, provide you with tips and techniques for brainstorming, finding a thesis, organizing, adding support,citing correctly,and other writing-related issues. In a writing consultation, the consultant will focus on your goals and use your writing to practice strategies for meeting these goals.

Please review our consultation form for more information on this process. We'd like you to prepare for each session by answering the "Questions for the Student" in part 1.

Writing Across the Curriculum

The Write Place is a proud supporter of the WAC Journal of Student Writing. Entries into the journal areselectedfor submissionby a student's professor.