Biology 2401: Lab PowerPoints

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Lab One: Cells

Study PowerPoints

Terminology Print (.pdf)
Cells & Tissues                    Print (.pdf)

 BIOL 2401 Lab Practical 1 Review
Lab List/Review
Lab One Review (.pdf)


Lab Two: Bones

Study PowerPoints      

Microanatomy of Bone Print (.pdf)
Skull Print (.pdf)
Vertebral Column & Thorax Print (.pdf)
Pectoral Girdle & Upper Limb  Print (.pdf)
Pelvic Girdle & Lower Limb Print (.pdf)

Lab List/Review
Lab Two Review (.pdf)


Lab Three: Muscles

Study PowerPoints

Head & Neck Print (.pdf)
Shoulder & Arm                            Print (.pdf)
Torso Print (.pdf)
Hip & Leg Print (.pdf)
Clay Man Print (.pdf)

Lab List/Review
Lab Three Review (.pdf)


Lab Four: Nervous

Study PowerPoints

Brain Print (.pdf)
Ear Print (.pdf)
Eye Print (.pdf)
Nerve Tissue                                 Print (.pdf)
Skin Print (.pdf)
Spinal Cord Print (.pdf)
Sheep Brain Print (.pdf)

Lab List/Review
Lab Four Review (.pdf)












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