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Biology 2402: Lab PowerPoints

Disclaimer: Materials provided on this website are not the standard for classwork. Follow your instructor, textbook and class material as the final guidelines.

Lab One: Cardiovascular

Study PowerPoints

Structure of the Heart Print (.pdf)
Blood Vessels Print (.pdf)
Special Circulations Print (.pdf)
Pulse Rate & Bood Pressure                Print (.pdf)
The Cardiac Cycle Print (.pdf)
Blood & Blood Testing Print (.pdf)
Major Arteries Print (.pdf)
Major Veins Print (.pdf)

Lab List/Review
Lab One Review


Lab Two: Lymph, Respiratory, Urinary

Study PowerPoints

Lymphatic System  Print (.pdf)
Respiratory  Print (.pdf)
Breathing Volumes & Capacities           Print (.pdf)
Urinary System Print (.pdf)
Urinalysis  Print (.pdf)

Lab List/Review
Lab Two Review


Lab Three: Digestive, Reproductive

Study PowerPoints

Organs of the Digestive System              Print (.pdf)
Male Reproductive System  Print (.pdf)
Female Reproductive System  Print (.pdf)
Embryology & Development  Print (.pdf)

Lab List/Review
Lab Three Review




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