Biology 2404: Lab PowerPoints

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Lab One: Cells, Tissues, Bones

Lab List

 Body Regions - Surface Anatomy   Print (.pdf)
 Microscope Mitosis  Print (.pdf)
 Tissues  Print (.pdf)
 Bones Skull  Print (.pdf)
 Bones Vertebrae  Print (.pdf)
 Bones Upper & Lower Limb  Print (.pdf)
 Long Bone - Skin  Print (.pdf)
 Practical 1 Full Review  Print (.pdf)


Lab Two: Muscles, Nervous

Lab List

 Muscles Head, Torso, Arm           Print(.pdf)
 Muscles Lower Limb, Joints  Print(.pdf)
 Nervous Brain  Print(.pdf)
 Nervous Spinal Cord, Plexus  Print(.pdf)
 Practical 2 Full Review 1  Print(.pdf)
 Practical 2 Full Review 2  Print(.pdf)


Lab Three: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Urinary

Lab List

 Cardiovascular Heart                   Print(.pdf)
 Cardiovascular Blood  Print(.pdf)
 Cardiovascular Major Blood Vessels  Print(.pdf)
 Cardiovascular Blood Vessels with Cat  Print(.pdf)
 Cardiovascular Pulse Points, EKG, Vessels  Print(.pdf)
 Respiratory  Print(.pdf)
 Urinary  Print(.pdf)
 Practical 3 Full Review 1  Print(.pdf)
 Practical 3 Full Review 2  Print(.pdf)


Lab Four: Digestive, Reproductive

Lab List

 Digestive                                           Print (.pdf)
 Male Reproductive  Print (.pdf)
 Female Reproductive  Print (.pdf)
 Development  Print (.pdf)
 Practical 4 Full Review 1  Print (.pdf)
 Practical 4 Full Review 2  Print (.pdf)










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