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In 2005, Hurricane Rita demonstrated the need for the Houston region to engage in evacuations giving those in locations that are in the greatest danger the opportunity to leave first followed by those in lower risk areas. The State of Texas has since revise its contra-flow, fuel, and re-entry plans to make the new staggered evacuation plan more efficient and understandable for those needing to evacuate. When the threat of severe weather exists, listen regularly to local radio or television stations. If the storm appears to affect your area, local officials may order or recommend that residents evacuate. The decision to evacuate is based on information provided by the National Weather Service and local offices of emergency management. Once your local officials order an evacuation follow instructions on when you evacuate, what to do, and where to go. To view an evacuation map by zip code and learn how you can be a part of an improved evacuation, please visit or www/


On Campus:

If you are told to evacuate, do take your personal belongings.
Keep all windows and air vents in the classroom and in your vehicle closed.
Use the routes specified by emergency officials.
Follow instructions and evacuate immediately.
People who are in mobile buildings or are concerned about the structural stability of their building should plan to evacuate anytime a storm threatens these areas. Less powerful hurricanes can produce winds capable of damaging or destroying mobile buildings.
People traveling with young children, the elderly, or people with special needs, should leave early.

Evacuation Zones

Evacuation Zones A through C have been identified for Houston/Harris/Galveston/Brazoria/Chambers Counties and assigned letters that correspond to hurricane categories. Zone A includes categories 1-2 hurricanes, Zone B includes a category 3 hurricane and Zone C includes categories 4-5 hurricanes. These areas reflect how far inland the storm surge is expected, depending on the hurricane category.

Should an evacuation be recommended, use electronic media, your radio, and freeway changeable message signs to get updates on important evacuation information. This will be coordinated by Houston Transtar Emergency Operations Center.


Brazoria Galveston Harris CountiesHurricane Evacuation Zip-Zones Coastal, A, B, and C.

(Source: Houston Transtar)


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