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Were a chemical agent attack or possible active shooter to occur, authorities may instruct people to either seek shelter where they are and seal the premises (shelter-in-place), or evacuate immediately. If the order is to remain on campus or in your building, you will need to follow these directions:

  • Go inside and stay calm.
  • Close all doors, windows, and other sources of outside air.
  • Go into a room with the fewest doors and windows and seal the room.
  • Turn off air conditioning or heating systems to keep chemical vapors from entering.
  • Ceiling or rotary fans inside the building may be used safely to keep cool.
  • Limit telephone use for emergency calls only. Overloaded telephone circuits may keep actual emergency calls from getting through.
  • Listen for authorities to tell you when it is safe to come out. Tune in to your local emergency radio or television station. For LSC information listen for an announcement over the public address system, monitor computer and visual displays, or await word from local officials.

Please Contact the Campus Police at x5911 from a campus phone, or 281-290-5911 from an off campus phone for police emergencies.

Campus Police Department

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