Accounting, Business, & Computer Science Tutoring at LSC-CyFair

We provide individual or group help for students during select days and times during the week.
The Center provides knowledgeable, qualified tutors to help student understand the terminology, master the concepts and give them the support they need to successfully complete their classes.

What Our Tutors Can Do for You

Our tutors tailor their approach to the level of proficiency of each student and welcome any questions.
Students are free to arrive or leave at any time during open hours. 
Students are required to sign-in and indicate the nature of their visit.
The center helps student develop the confidence they need to successfully complete their business, humanities, and computer courses!

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Yareli-ACCT (4) - - - - - 10:30am-2:30pm
Cameron-ACCT (11) 10:30am-12pm FTF 12-4pm 10:30am-12pm FTF 12-4pm FTF - -
Danielle-CIS (9) 11am-1pm Webex
1-3:30pm FTF
- - 2:30-4:30pm FTF
4:40-7pm Webex & TM
- -

** All face-to-face accounting tutoring sessions at the LSC-CyFair campus are held in the open area of the Academic Success Center.**



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