Course Descriptions

Intro to Costume Design DRAM 1342

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course introduces students to the principles and techniques of costume design and construction for theatrical productions.   

Intro to Stage Makeup DRAM 1341

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course provides an introduction to the design of make-up for the purpose of developing believable characters.  Discussions of basic makeup principles and practical experiences of makeup application will be provided

Theatre Practicum DRAM 1120, 1121, 2120, 2121

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is open to all students interested in theatrical production.  Credit is earned for technical work (costuming, lighting, set construction, publicity and make-up), performance work, or other participation as designated by departmental faculty.  It may be taken for four credit hours maximum.

Acting I DRAM 1351

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course provides an introduction to the art of acting, emphasizing the techniques of speech and movement on the stage, pantomime, character analysis, through participation in lab scenes, improvisations and departmental productions.

Acting II DRAM 1352

COURSE DESCRIPTION: An introduction to the art of acting, with an emphasis on developing vocal and physical skills through work on monologues and scenes as exhibited in various historical periods.

Stagecraft I and II

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn the fundamentals of designing and building sets, lighting, and sound in these courses.

Stage Movement DRAM 1322

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course covers basic dance steps, movement theory from Alexander, Suzuki, and Bogart, as well as the basics of stage combat. 

Voice for the Actor DRAM 2336

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course informs on the proper way to use your vocal instrument, as well as teaches the International Phonetic Alphabet. Students work towards a reduction in accent or dialect in this course.

Theatre Appreciation DRAM 1310

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course surveys dramatic arts including plays, basic theories, history, stages, makeup, costuming, acting and directing. It provides an introduction to the theatre plant and theatre activities augmented by textbook study of stage terminology and an introduction to the organization of production procedure.

Film Appreciation DRAM 2366

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Deepen your understanding of how film is made in this course, through textbook readings as well as film viewings. Create a more critical eye to take with you to the movies.

Script Analysis DRAM 2335

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Examination of foundational skills for understanding the structure and content of play scripts for interpretation and conceptualization in theater productions by directors, designers, actors, and technicians. Introduces students to significant plays in the history of dramatic literature in the playwright's social and cultural context.

Theatre Design DRAM 2335

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Theater Design Survey of principles and practices of theater design and its elements. The fundamentals of art and their application to major areas of theatrical design.

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