FAQs: Repeating Courses

What will the higher rate of tuition be if a student attempts a course three or more times? Students will be charged an additional $60 per semester credit hour for attempting most credit courses for 3 or more times. Example: The student registers for English 1301 and receives an F (first attempt), the student registers for English 1301 and receives a W (second attempt). When the student registers for English 1301 for the third or subsequent time, the student will be charged $180 ($60 per semester credit hour) plus the regular tuition and fees for the course.

Does the additional tuition apply to all coursework I have taken at Lone Star College System? There are some courses that are excluded from the higher tuition rate. Please see Excluded Courses.

What counts as an enrollment or attempt? A student who registers for a course will be considered to have attempted the course. If the student drops the course before the enrollment is reported to the state (official day of record for the class) and the course does not appear on the studentís transcript, the student will not be considered to have taken or attempted the course. A student will have attempted the course if the student has received a grade, a W, an IP or an I in the course.

Will financial aid pay for the additional tuition? The additional tuition charges can be paid with your financial aid awards if there is enough remaining money from your awards after your base tuition and all other institutional charges have been paid. Please remember that your financial aid eligibility is based on Standards of Academic Progress. Students may use the financial aid appeal process if necessary. The additional tuition will not be calculated in the cost of attendance estimates.

Will the student receive a refund on the additional tuition if the student withdraws during the refund time frame? Yes, the additional tuition will be refunded according to the refund schedule published in the semester class schedule.

May the installment payment plan be used to pay the additional tuition? Yes, the installment payment plan may be used to pay for credit classes with additional tuition subject to the payment plan guidelines.

Why are students being charged a higher rate of tuition for taking a class three or more times? The state of Texas provides financial assistance to help pay for the education of college students by paying colleges for a portion of each studentís enrollment in the state-funded courses. The rest of the cost is born by the local taxpayers in our district and by students through their tuition and fees. Therefore students pay only a portion of the actual cost for any credit course.

Do transfer courses taken from other colleges outside of the Lone Star College System count in the number of attempts? No, only those credit courses taken since Fall 2002 at Lone Star College System colleges count toward the third attempt or repeat.

What Colleges are part of the Lone Star College System? LSC-CyFair, LSC-Kingwood, LSC-Montgomery, LSC-North Harris, LSC-Tomball and LSC-University Park are all included in the Lone Star College System.

How will the fee appear on the studentís printout and in myLoneStar student account? Depending on the residency of the student, the following codes and descriptions will be used:

Tuition - InDist 3Peat
Tuition - OutDist 3Peat
Tuition - Foreigh 3Peat

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