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Welcome to Mi CASA Es Su CASA! This website provides updates on the Lone Star College-North Harris Title V grant for Hispanic-Serving Institutions. Funded for $2,587,367 over five years, this initiative is Connecting students to the campus community, Acclimating them to the rigors of academic life, helping them Succeed and self-improve for the duration, and preparing them to Achieve and compete in college and beyond.

Title V Receives Excelencia in Education Recognition

Excelencia in Education, the nation’s premier authority on efforts accelerating Latino student success in higher education, has recognized four evidence-based programs from across the country as the 2020 Examples of Excelencia. The 2020 Example of Excelencia at the Associate Level is: Mi Casa Es Su Casa at Lone Star College-North Harris. The program connects Hispanic community college students to the local campus community, acclimates them to the rigors of academic life, helps them succeed for the duration of their college career, and prepares them to achieve in college and beyond. In Fall 2019, 68% of Latino program participants persisted to second year compared to the institutional average of 50% and overall program average of 60%.

In the midst of a global pandemic and continuing epidemic of systemic inequities in higher education, Excelencia remained resolute to identify programs at the forefront of advancing equity for Latino students. Examples of Excelencia was created in 2005 and today still is the only national initiative to recognize and promote evidence-based practices accelerating Latino student success in higher education. These evidence-based programs at the institution and community level are national exemplars of what works for Latino students.

“By promoting what works for Latino students in higher education, Excelencia increases national awareness of efforts effectively engaging the growing Latino student population,” shared Sarita Brown, President of Excelencia in Education. “We are relentless, as are these programs, in highlighting the benefits to institutions and this country of intentionally serving Latino and other post- traditional students.”

The following story appeared on one of the major television stations in Houston:


Staff Involved in Award Winning Project

Our Goal

The goal of the program is to guide students through each of the four CASA phases through three new initiatives. The first two initiatives - iMALLS (Information Technology Enhanced Multidisciplinary Academic Learning Lounges) and the new CAST (Center for Academic Success and Transition) – are designed to connect students to LSC-North Harris resources and opportunities to improve academic preparedness and engagement. The third initiative - MATCH (Meaningfully Aligned Targeted Curriculum/Courses for Hispanic and Underserved Students) – ensures students are receiving best-fit instruction based on proven methods and needs. The CASA model encourages students, staff, and faculty to Connect, Acclimate, Succeed, and Achieve.

Completing its fifth year of implementation, the LSC-North Harris Title V grant, Mi Casa es Su Casa, is Connecting students to the campus community, Acclimating them to the rigors of academic life, helping them Succeed and self-improve for the duration, and preparing them to Achieve and compete in college and beyond. The grant has a single activity: Increase the persistence, completion and transfer rates of Hispanic and underserved students by: 1) Improving student engagement and preparedness through increased student awareness of and access to LSC-NH resources and opportunities; and 2) Improving student success rates by providing best-fit instruction to the LSC-NH student population.

Click on the link below to see a summary of the first five year measures to meet objectives of the three initiatives outlined in the grant. These align with four of the five Lone Star College institutional objectives. 

Specific Programs

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Funded by a Title V Grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

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