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Meaningfully Aligned Targeted Courses for Hispanic Students

MATCH helps ensure underserved students are receiving best-fit instruction based on proven methods and needs.

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

Based on WAC theory and practice, faculty are collaborating with certified writing tutors in the history and government classrooms to support students’ primary research and writing about their family’s local history and relationships with local government.   

Project Updates:

                           2016-2017      2017-2018      2018-2019     2019-2020        2021-2022

PUENTE Program

Lone Star College-North Harris is implementing the PUENTE Project model to prepare students for transfer to four year universities. Students take a rigorous two-course English class sequence (Developmental Studies English and college-level English) and EDUC 1300, the first time in college course, taught by a PUENTE-trained instructor and a counselor/advisor.  The taproot of PUENTE success is its professional development program for teachers and advisors. These trainings provide the tools to deliver PUENTE’s threefold program of extensive writing instruction, sustained academic advising and personal mentoring. The classes provide a supportive environment with a focus on multicultural literature. Students work closely with the counselor/advisor to prepare an academic plan, focus on academic and professional goals, and transfer to a four-year university.  

Project Updates:

                                             2018     2018-2019     2019-2020       2020-2021        2021-2022     

English/Spanish Interpreter Certificate Program

Creates a certificate program in Spanish/English Interpretation to provide professional training for students who wish to undertake rigorous and challenging careers as bilingual interpreters.     

Project Updates:

2016-2017     2017-2018     2018-2019     2019-2020     2020-2021

Summer Math Bridge Program

Prepares graduating seniors in the summer immediately following high school graduation while math concepts are still fresh in their minds for the math courses required to meet their academic and career goals at LSC-North Harris.

Project Updates:

                                         2016-2017      2017-2018     2018-2019     2020-2021

Professional Development

Teaching Squares

Provides faculty an opportunity to gain new insight into their teaching through a non-evaluative
process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection. The four faculty in each “teaching
square” visit each other’s classes over the course of a semester and meet to discuss what they have learned from their observations.

Project Updates: 

                       2016-2017      2017-2018       2018-2019     2019-2020 

Adjunct Boot Camp

Offers relevant professional development activities and training throughout the year to new and experienced adjunct faculty on student-centered instruction.Project Updates:

Project Updates:

                     2016-2017      2017-2018      2018-2019     2019-2020     2020-2021

21st Century Faculty Institute

Provides development and training to full-time faculty on yearly themes chosen and best practices discussed, studied and implemented in the classroom.

Project Updates:

                     2016-2017     2017-2818     2018-2019     2019-2020     2020-2021       2021-2022

Adjunct Mentoring Program

Matches small groups of new adjunct faculty members with graduates of the Faculty Institute who serve as their mentors to create a cohort peer group that strengthens the mentoring experience. 

Project Updates:

                   2016-2017      2017-2018     2018-2019      2019-2020     2020-2021       2021-2022 

True North Chair Academy

Focuses on strategic and practical approaches to developing leadership skills and institution-wide vision for department chairs and lead faculty in both their faculty and chair responsibilities.

Project Updates: 

                   2017      2018     2018-2019     2019 -2020     2020-2021


Curriculum Redesign

DS English Alternative Delivery Options 

Enables students to take more advanced courses while concurrently receiving instruction targeted on individual needs by developing materials for use in alternative course delivery frameworks at the lower level of DS English instruction. 

Project Updates:




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