Claims Management

Claims Management:

Managing and reducing claims frequency is an essential function in limiting the financial and operational impact of losses for the Lone Star College (LSC).  The Office of Risk Management (ORM) recommends all accidents or incidents be submitted even if, at the time of the accident or incident, there were no known injuries or property damage. Reporting the accident or incident immediately allows the ORM to perform a timely investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident or incident, in case injury or damage is discovered later.  Please also file a report if the incident was a “near miss”.  That will help to better evaluate trends and prevent future incidents.

The LSC ORM and each campus Vice President of Administrative Services require immediate notice of all for all damages, including but not limited to automobile accidents, damage to state-owned real and personal property, incidents and near misses.

Examples of a loss or incident include (but are not limited to):

  1. Vehicle accidents (college-owned and or rental vehicles)
  2. Property damage due to accidents, fire, broken pipes, vandalism, or weather
  3. Missing or damaged property due to theft
  4. Damage to the property of others
  5. Injuries to visitors, volunteers and students
  6. Injuries to Faculty/Staff/Student Workers (Worker's Compensation)

The ORM works with departments and third parties regarding claims to evaluate and determine the potential for recovery and to initiate the claims process. Property damage should be reported immediately to LSC ORM at LSC-RiskManagementClaims@LoneStar.edu or 832.813.6752.  The ORM will arrange for processing the claim and will work with the original reporting department in arranging for the repair or replacement of the property.

General Liability or Incident Claims (Not for employee work-related potential injuries)

Property Claims

Vehicle Claims




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