Disparity Study


$500,000 Grant from Harris County

Lone Star College has been awarded a $500,000 grant to conduct a disparity study, presenting a remarkable opportunity for the institution to gather valuable insights on the following:

  • Economic Issues for HUB/MWVBEs: The study will primarily focus on economic aspects concerning minority, women-owned, and veteran business enterprises as they compete for contracts with local and state government agencies.
  • Fair Access to LSC Contracts: The study aims to determine if there are any disparities in granting access to government contracts, specifically examining if minority, women-owned, and veteran business enterprises face barriers to entry in Lone Star College.
  • Informing Policy and Practices: The study's results and outcomes will aid LSC in assessing the necessity for changes in their contracting and purchasing policies and procurement practices.
  • Formulating Action Plans: With these results, LSC will be equipped to devise effective action plans, if procedural changes or new programs are deemed necessary, to promote fairness and inclusivity in LSC procurement.
  • The findings of this study hold the potential to foster greater equity and opportunities for HUB/MWVBEs and drive positive change in Lone Star College practices. 

Components of the Disparity Study

  • Utilization Analysis: Utilization analysis is used to determine the universe of firms awarded LSC contracts in a particular time frame.
  • Availability Analysis: Availability Analysis determines the percentage of firms available to fulfill LSC contracts.
  • Disparity Analysis: Disparity analysis aims to uncover any significant disparities in the dollar percentage of LSC contracts received by HUB/MWVBEs compared to their representation or availability in the marketplace during a particular timeframe.
  • Anecdotal and Circumstantial Evidence: anecdotal and circumstantial evidence is collected to provide context for the quantitative analysis. Anecdotal data is collected through focus groups, public hearings, telephone surveys of firms, online surveys, and personal interviews.




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