LSC-Tomball VR Lab

example video shows how MR (mixed reality) can be used and recorded.

Our Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality Lab is Here!

The Multimedia Services team has implemented Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in our new Experience Lab (formally the One Button Studio) with the acquired special funding in accordance with the Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success.

Virtual Reality Will Change How We Learn and How We Teach

Education is the base for a thriving society, and the transfer of knowledge has been a top priority for civilizations since the very beginning. People are constantly looking for ways to transfer knowledge more easily, more quickly, and more effectively. In order to achieve this, we first must look at traditional learning methods and tools such as books, whiteboards, index cards, posters, etc. However, with the advancement in technology, there is an overflow of information which makes it harder to retain and comprehend that information.

Why VR is Good for Education

Virtual reality can be used in classrooms to enhance student learning and engagement. VR can transform the way educational content is delivered; it works on the premise of creating a virtual world real or imagined and allows users to interact with it. Being immersed in what you are learning motivates you to fully understand it. It will require less cognitive load to process the information. Such as:

  • Better sense of place
  • Scale learning experiences
  • Learn by doing
  • Emotional reaction
  • Develop creativity
  • Visual learning

Students already embrace the VR experience through gaming systems. In instruction, VR is becoming an extension of the gaming industry and is growing in demand for use in education.

In the era of digital devices, we have an opportunity to enable better learning with technology. Virtual Reality (VR) is the natural next step for the evolution of education.

For more information contact:
Monte Darland, Manager of Multimedia Services

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