Grants Council

Council Charge

To research and prioritize grant opportunities that align with our values, strategic goals and priorities, and community needs.


Fall Kick Off: Grants Council Meeting- October 26, 2022
Grants Council Meeting- January 26, 2023

Current Grants Activity: 2022-2023

Grants Submitted: 5
Active Grants: 4
Grants Developing: 6

Funded Projects:


Funder: Tomball Regional Health Foundation
Grant Title: Tomball Health Occupation Equipment

Funder: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)
Grant Title: COVID 19-Nursing Innovation Grant Program


Funder: Department of Education
Grant Title: Talent Search Program, Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) STEM Program, and Title III- Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP)

Funder: Tomball Health Coalition/Tri County Health Alliance,
Grant Title: Health and Wellness Initiative (LSC-Tomball Food Pantry “The Den”)

Funder: Tomball Regional Health Foundation
Grant Title: Health and Science Students Success, Meningitis Vaccine, Medical Laboratory Technology Equipment, Dental Assistant Certificate Program, and lifePATH Professional Support.

Funder: Texas Workforce Commission
Grant Title: Governors Summer Merit Program


Funder: Tomball Regional Health Foundation
Grant Title: Health Science Testing Fees Scholarships and Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine

Council Membership

  • Brianna Torres Adame - Student
  • Charlie Edwards - Student
  • Kathryn Price - Student
  • Emmitt Carter - Assistant Dean, Student Success
  • Melinda Coleman - Dean, Division I
  • Jared Cootz - Dean, Division II
  • Henri Dally - Dean, Student Development
  • Lisa Davis - Counselor/Professor, Psychology
  • Laura Dupree - Professor, Associate of Arts in Teaching and lifePATH
  • Donna Fitzpatrick - Manager, School Partnerships, Academic Affairs
  • Terri Garcia - Manager, Strategic Initiatives (Title III Grant)
  • Anne Ginnett - Director, lifePATH
  • Virginia Haysley - Professor, Government
  • Janna Hoglund - Director, Community Library
  • Jamesia King - Grant Developer, Resource Development and Administration
  • Rosalin Lambey - Manager, TRIO
  • Shannon Marino - Director, Student Engagement
  • Megan Mariveles - Dean, Division III
  • Debbie Munoz - Specialist III, lifePATH
  • Wendy Palmgren - Coordinator III, Division of Strategy and Innovation
  • Robbie Richard Rogers - Director, Extended Learning Center
  • Jennifer Richardson - Director, Communications and Media, College Relations
  • Jennifer Sessa - Director, Library
  • Randy Sparks - Director, Technology Services
  • Jackie Thomas - Vice President, Student Success
  • Jerrel Wade - Vice President, Administrative Services
  • Katerina Wingfield - Dean, Academic Affairs

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