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LSC Update

LSC encourages everyone to wear a mask while on campus and to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Learn more @ LoneStar.edu/Coronavirus. Visit LoneStar.edu/LoneStarCollegeAlert for tropical storm updates.


Faculty Guidelines

  • The Assessment Center will not provide full-class testing for any class that is not a distance learning course or a hybrid (flex) course.
  • Faculty teaching traditional, face-to-face courses should only submit make-up exams or exams for students with special accommodations.
  • All tests should be delivered in person or via e-mail through the online submission site; referenced below.
  • No faxed tests will be accepted.
  • No direct emails to the UPAC inbox with the test and instructions attached. We ask that you please complete the Teacher Test Request Form so that we do not miss any detail.
  • Instructors must complete a Teacher Test Request Form with a roster of student(s) permitted to take the exam, exam guidelines, the materials allowed, and any special services needed. The teacher must also include their name, course name/number, and section number on each test given to the Assessment Center.
  • Faculty can bring the paper exam and fill out the paper copy for testing request form at the Assessment Center and drop off in person.   


  • Or, you can complete the electronic version of the Teacher Test Request Form available in myLonestar under Navigation > LSC Custom > Testing Center Requests.
  • Instructors must indicate on the Teacher Test Request Form specifying what you would like the Assessment Center to do with completed exams. Exams can be picked-up or emailed. We donít do inter-office mail for completed exams.
  • During the week of finals for fall and spring, it is preferred that completed exams are picked up or emailed. All tests will be held in the Assessment Center for pick up, except those exams sent from other campuses.
  • The Assessment Center will not accept or issue any non-testing materials such as syllabi, projects, homework, or take-home tests.
  • If needed, the Assessment Center will provide the instructor with an Incident Report stating problems or suspected cheating.
  • No tests are administered one hour prior to closing.

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