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Vehicle Use - Additional Information

Use of Private Vehicles by faculty and/or staffEmployees who are required to use their personal automobiles for travel directly related to System business shall be reimbursed for such travel on a mileage basis. The rate of such reimbursement shall be determined annually.

All employees who use their own vehicle while conducting college business must maintain minimum insurance coverage as required by the statutes of the State of Texas. If any employee's own vehicle is lost or damaged by fire, theft or collision while on college-related business, the cost of repair must be covered by the owner's/driver's insurance. See LSCS Policy Manual Section IV.F.1.02

Bus Charters: Please contact LSC Purchasing for current information on bus charters, a list of the approved bus companies and the Bus Charter Agreement. 

Vans:  Under Construction

Towing: Towing a trailer or other item can present a risk. Only authorized LSC employees may use a LSC vehicle for towing. Individuals or Departments that drive vehicles or (vehicle/ trailer combinations) with a weight greater than 10,000 lbs. are required to comply with federal regulations and maintain a valid medical certificate.  Authorized drivers should review the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s towing safety information before towing a trailer or other item.

Acquisition & Disposition: The Office of Risk Management retains all titles and registrations for the LSC.  The ORM maintains the insurance for all vehicles for the LSC. The appropriated party shall notify the ORM when a vehicle is purchased or leased, as well as when a vehicle is disposed of, sold or returned to a leasing company.

Safety Requirements for Operating LSC Vehicles (include, but are not limited to):

- Applicant/Approved driver (“Driver”) must at all times wear a safety belt when operating any motor vehicle as required and ensure that all passengers wear safety belts as required during operation of a vehicle being used for LSC business/activity. In addition, any defects in safety belt restraint systems should be reported immediately to the Office of Risk Management for required maintenance.
- Driver must comply at all times with all traffic safety laws when operating LSC vehicles.
- Driver is responsible for knowing how to safely operate a motor vehicle reasonably and according to state laws.
- Driver shall not permit unauthorized persons to drive, operate, and ride in or on a vehicle owned by the LSC or rented for any LSC business/activity.
- Driver shall not permit anyone to ride on running boards, tailgates, fenders, hood, trunk, roof or any other part of any motorized vehicle or equipment except on seats or inside body walls.
- Driver shall not leave keys in a vehicle. It is against the law to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine running, and violation may result in a suspension of driving privileges.
- No employee shall operate a LSC owned cargo or cargo-passenger van off-campus until successful completion of the LSC Van Driver Training Course (contact Office of Risk Management at 832.813.6896 for more information.
- Under no circumstances is smoking allowed in any LSC owned or rented vehicles.
- No alcohol or drugs are allowed in LSC owned or rented vehicles, or personal vehicles used on approved LSC business/activity, and may not be used by the driver prior to the operation of any LSC motorized vehicle that would in any way violate law, impair judgment, hinder, and/or impede the driver’s ability to safely operate a motorized vehicle.
- Driver must comply with all applicable LSC rules, policies, procedures, and guidelines at all times.
- All LSC employees are required to disclose any major traffic violation(s) to their supervisor and to the Office of Risk Management immediately.
- If a driver is involved in an accident in a LSC owned or rented vehicle, or one used for a LSC business/activity, and found to be negligent, the driver could be held liable and/or be subject to disciplinary action(s).
- If a driver violates traffic law and is cited for this offense, the driver shall be personally liable for payment of any fine that may come due as a result and shall pay said fine on or before the due date.

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