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Lone Star College-CyFair Associate of Arts in Teaching Department fully supports the importance of meeting the teacher shortages. Our program will not only focus on increasing enrollment, but helping our pre-service educators develop a passion for students, for teaching and for service. We believe that the teaching profession is a worthy occupation that will make a significant difference in children’s lives. Through incorporating project-based and service learning, students will make a firm decision to join the teaching profession.


LSC-CF AAT program’s mission is to provide a solid foundation of essential concepts in education, to develop servant leadership, and to nurture a passion for student success. Upon acquiring these skills, students can seamlessly transition to an Educator Preparation Program (a 4-year university) to obtain a Texas Educator Certificate.


Aligned with LSC-CyFair’s learning signature, our program:

  • Incorporates active learning strategies that include visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic techniques.
  • Provides opportunities for students to meet teachers within the field from all different types of schools and teaching environments.
  • Offers Diverse curriculum through linked courses and learning communities with other disciplines, such as English and Math.
  • Promotes civic engagement by incorporating service learning within our courses.
  • Engages our students with national and local teacher education organizations.
  • Includes interactive technology, such as polling software and iPads, that allows our pre-service teachers to view these modalities as ways to engage their future students.
  • Integrates current trends in teaching, such as the Flipped Classroom, Whole Brain Teaching, and others.
  • Demonstrates the importance of professionalism in the field of education.

Upcoming Events

Education Speaker Series

How Do I Become A Teacher?
Attend to learn more about AAT/Education programs. Learn about degree paths and transferring to a University. 

September 25th
CASA 110 

October 25th
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