Transition Track FAQ

Lone Star College-North Harris
LVN/Paramedic to RN Transition Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program? The program consists of 3 semesters (spring, fall, and spring). You begin with a transition course the first semester. This course usually includes two and a half days of lecture and one 12-hour clinical. It also includes hundreds of pages of reading, completion of extensive clinical logs and various lengthy assignments weekly. After the initial spring semester, you then complete two additional semesters before graduating in May. Each long semester consists of five hours of lecture over two days, lab time for two hours once a week, and 10-12 hours of clinical (12 hours over two days or one 10-hour clinical). Additional hours for clinical assignments, readings and projects are to be expected.

Can I pick my schedule? Yes and no. There are very limited options for lecture, lab, and clinicals.  When there are some options, then we do our best to accommodate preferences as best we can, but there are no guarantees.  All class, lab and clinical offerings are in-person, between Monday-Friday and during the day.

Can I work? Yes, but be prepared to work half-time or less. This is an extremely accelerated program. Although you only register for 9-10 hours per semester, the commitment required is full-time.

Can I attend part-time? No, the program is set up in a cohort where each student must take all three classes (lecture, lab and clinical) each semester and pass all three in order to progress. There is no part-time option.

Are any of the classes on-line? Each class is web-assisted but all of the classes and labs are in-person. Students will be required to come to campus at least 3 times per week for lecture, lab and exams.

Are there classes in the evening or on weekends? No, our program is a full-time, weekday program. Currently, we do not offer any evening classes or labs. Occasionally, there is an evening clinical available.

What is required to apply? There are 20 hours of prerequisites that are the minimum required to apply but the full 34 hours of required academics are strongly recommended to have the maximum number of points on your application (see Admission Criteria handout on the Lone Star College - North Harris website at http://lonestar.edu/nursing-dept-nharris.htm ). You will also need to meet all requirements for general admission to the college and complete Math through Math 0310 or higher (see Admissions for your status). In addition, you will need to meet the minimum scores on a standardized health care pre-entrance exam.

How much will the program cost? You will pay standard tuition and fees, just like for any other class. Additional program costs include uniforms, books, and lab supplies.

When is the application deadline? The application deadline is usually early September. Applications and testing information will be available on the Lone Star College - North Harris Nursing Website in July through early September.  We only accept applications between mid-July and early September.

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