Test Information

  • Students may retake the HESI test once every 60 days based on the date of the first exam. The 60-day count will begin on the day following your most recent test date. If a student takes the HESI A2 a second time observing the 60 day window, the most recent score will be used for computing admission scores. Should any student take it twice within 60 days, only the first score will be used.
  • Please NOTE:  If you have taken HESI outside of Lone Star College, official scores must be sent directly from Elsevier/Evolve to the nursing program of your first choice campus and received one week prior to the application deadline. Official scores must be submitted from Elsevier/Evolve.

HESI Testing is offered at the campuses below. Please visit the Testing Center website (links below) for instructions on how to schedule your HESI exam.

Pre-Admission Requirements

HESI Testing: ADN, Transition, and LVN Programs

  1. Applicants must test on the following sections of HESI A-2 Entrance Exam. The average of the first 5 (five) will be divided by 25 to obtain the admission points.
    1. Reading Comprehension
    2. Grammar
    3. Vocabulary/General Knowledge
    4. Anatomy & Physiology
    5. Math
    6. Critical Thinking
  2. Required HESI Scores:
    A.  In order to apply for any LSC A.D.N. program, the student must attain a minimum score of 80 (750 for Critical Thinking) on EACH section of the HESI exam.
    B.  In order to apply for any LSC VN program, the student must attain a minimum score of 70 (700 for Critical Thinking) on EACH section of the HESI exam.
  3. HESI Anatomy & Physiology score, Math score, then Reading Comprehension score, Vocabulary score, and finally Grammar score if needed will be used as tiebreakers for admission into all LSCS nursing programs.
  4. The HESI entrance exam scores must be less than one year old at the time of application.
  5. If HESI A2 exam was taken other than at LSCS, official scores have to be sent directly to Nursing Department by Elsevier. Contact Nursing Departments for details.
  6. When retaking the test, students will have to retake all 6 sections of the test. Scores used for admissions must be on a single testing.
  7. Students will have a maximum of 5.5 hours to take the exam. With ADA accommodations, students may be allowed longer test taking time.
  8. Students applying to a nursing program must complete the HESI A2 no later than one week before the application deadline.

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