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Faculty and Staff

Interim Dean

Dr. Anthony Carreras

Dr. Anthony CarrerasDr. Anthony Carreras, Interim Dean of Math, Engineering, Education, Physical Sciences, & Student Success Divisions, joined LSC-Kingwood in 2012. Dr. Carreras earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Drew University and a Master of Arts degree from Georgia State University. He earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Rice University.

Dr. Carreras's work focuses on ancient Greek philosophy and ethics, particularly Aristotle's ethics and the relation between morality and loyalty. He has published papers in such journals as "History of Philosophy Quarterly" and "Philosophical Papers"and has presented papers at the Eastern and Pacific division meetings of the American Philosophical Association. He is a member of the American Philosophical Association and the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy.

"Philosophy unfortunately tends to have a reputation for being impractical, or in any case, removed from the concerns of everyday life. But what draws me to philosophy is the deep conviction that philosophy is about things that ‘matter', Dr. Carreras said. "For instance, it matters whether we have free-will; it matters whether there is some way that human beings ought to live; what justice is ‘matters', and it matters whether our form of government is just; it matters whether we are capable of knowing the nature of things. I approach these topics in my classes by conveying and defending that conviction, any by highlighting the philosopher's distinctive method of critical thinking by way of argument analysis."

Dr. Carreras loves bringing philosophy to life in the classroom, and is grateful every day that he gets to do it at LSC-Kingwood. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two amazing daughters.    

Recent publications:

2016. "Amicably Deceived." Philosophical Papers 45.1-2: 133-158.
2012. "Aristotle on Other-Selfhood and Reciprocal Shaping." History of Philosophy Quarterly 29.4: 319-336.
2011.  "Like Father Like Son? Challenges in the Father-Son Relationship. "In Fatherhood and Philosophy, eds. L. Nease and M. Austin, Wiley-Blackwell, 171-180.

Email: Dr. Anthony Carreras
Phone: 281.312.1763
Office: TIB 209B

Department Chair

Dr. Katherine Keilty

Email: Katherine.Keilty@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.312.1714
Office: SIB 202Q
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Suzie Goss

“I enjoy helping others understand mathematics. I hope that through understanding math, students can have an appreciation for it and even grow to like it.”

  • BS in Mathematics from Stephen F. Austin State University
  • MS in Mathematics from Texas A&M University

Email: Suzette.M.Goss@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.312.1688
Office: SIB 202L

Dr. Jamie Turner

"Behind every skyscraper, car, water treatment plant, and light-switch is a group of engineers who researched, brainstormed, fumbled, tried, and tried again.  From refrigerators and radios to starships and artificial intelligence, it's an exciting time to be alive.  I am humbled and inspired to work alongside others who feel called to study late into the night in search of a better tomorrow."

Dr. Jamie TurnerJamie Turner, Ph.D., lead professor of engineering, joined LSC-Kingwood in 2013. Turner earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, in Golden, Colorado and a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems from the same institution.

Prior to joining LSC-Kingwood, Turner taught engineering courses at the Colorado School of Mines, worked for Los Alamos National Labs and Hazen Research.

Turner is involved in several professional organizations including the Particulate Science and Technology Group, and the Society of Math and Engineering.

She was instrumental in starting LSC-Kingwood's engineering program. "We have grown the department from offering only one class and one degree program to now offering seven different classes and five associate of science degrees from five different instructors," Turner explained.  "It has been really exciting to develop courses and degree programs and see the first cohort of students successfully transfer into four year engineering programs."

Turner is an advisor for the Society of Math and Engineering club, serves on the Engineering curriculum team.

  • Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Colorado School of Mines
  • Ph.D. in Engineering Systems from Colorado School of Mines

Email: Jamie.L.Turner@lonestar.edu
Phone: 281.312.1776
Office: CLB 100L

Adjunct Faculty

Name Phone Office
Morteza Akbari   Morteza.Akbari@lonestar.edu  
Michael Blythe   Michael.Blythe@lonestar.edu  
Ivan Chikichev   Ivan.Chikichev@lonestar.edu  
Scott Lenfest   Scott.Lenfest@lonestar.edu  
Paul Mayer   Paul.H.Mayer@lonestar.edu  


Name Phone Office
Angela M. Reyna
Staff Assistant II
281.312.1412 Angela.M.Reyna@lonestar.edu CLB 100A
Nicole Foley-Nelson
Academic Advisor II
281.312.1761 Nicole.D.Foley@LoneStar.edu  CLB 100P
Ricky Saiz
Division Operations Specialist
281.312.1616 Ricky.Saiz@lonestar.edu APA 100K
Danielle Ploucha
Staff Assistant II
281.312.1720 Danielle.R.Ploucha@LoneStar.edu CLA 200

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