LSC Update

LSC will re-open access to buildings Monday, Aug. 31. Student Services are currently available online. Visit LoneStar.edu/Fall2020 for more information about fall classes.

About the LSC-North Harris Library




The mission of the LSC-North Harris Library is to provide access to resources that support a successful educational experience, promote information literacy, encourage critical thought, nurture the intellectual and cultural life of the community, and provide innovative and high quality services and program to meet the needs of the college and our diverse community of users.

The Learning Center provides a campus academic environment conducive to student success.  We offer an array of resources designed to increase student success and completion. Our mission is to assist in students becoming more independent, confident and efficient learners.

What We Do

We educate, equip, and inspire each student to achieve personal and professional goals to contribute in our diverse communities, and thrive in a global society.

The library & learning center provide high-quality instruction and support services to prepare students for transfer and employment by providing access to: 


Who We Are



Make LSC part of your story.