The Maverick Outpost

The Maverick Outpost at Lone Star College – Montgomery supports the enrollment of underrepresented high-priority students, Hispanic and other low-income students, to persist, complete a degree, and transfer to a four-year institution of higher education.


The Maverick Outpost will develop students into self-confident scholars who leverage their strengths and thrive as they navigate their college experience. We will facilitate a positive transition and promote the success of all students at Lone Star College-Montgomery.


Be a source of support for first-generation students, low-income, and other high priority students by valuing their strengths and their unique identities. We hope to increase students’ self-agency by promoting and fostering skill development and empowering students to create their own definition of success and achieve their academic, personal, financial, and professional goals.

To support this goal, we will: 
•    Expand outreach activities to encourage interest in higher education in underserved areas, 
•    Implement “College Coaching” to assist first-generation college students,
•    Expand focused and enhanced advising and tutoring resources, 
•    Create of a “Maverick Outpost” near public transportation in the target area, and 
•    Educate students about financial literacy through knowledge of markets and economics,
     and higher education financing and repayment.

Upcoming Events

  • Saving for Emergencies Workshop, March 23rd at 11am, WebEx
  • Essay Writing Workshop, March 28th at 1pm, Bldg. F, Room 112
  • Imposter Syndrome Workshop, March 29th at 11am, Bldg. F, Room 112
  • Public Speaking Workshop, March 30th at 1pm, Bldg. F, Room 112

To register for an upcoming event visit our LinkTree, or email us MC-MaverickOutpost@Lonestar.Edu. 

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The Maverick Outpost is funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s HSI Title V Grant.

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