LSC-Tomball Social Media Guide Lines and Protocol

LSC-Tomball's Social Media Guidelines are intended to provide support and guidance for college departments and organizations in the management of their college-affiliated social media channels. It is important that we all understand what is expected in our social media output that we may speak collectively with a shared voice that reflects the values and tenets of LSC-Tomball

Key Message

The goal of any college-affiliated social media channel should be to connect LSC-Tomball's attributes and the achievements and aspirations of its community members with those interested, even tangentially with the goings-on of our instituation. Because of social media's reach, this audience could be local or global and could have an impact on any of a number of types of stakeholder.

Social media, perhaps most importantly, allows us the opportunity to engage transactionally with our audience. Genuine dialogue can take place as followers like, share, or comment on any content we make public. To that end, it is imprative that those managing college-affiliated social media channels remain open to dialogue, behave responsively to questions asked or comments made, and always approach the communication with the end goal in mind of engendering insight, inclusivity, and a shared appreciation for the poisitions and opinions of all who may be engaged in or viewing the content.

Be Transparent

Be honest about who you are and fully disclose any affiliation you have with LSC-Tomball. It is never acceptable to deceive people. With that in mind, however, consider the content carefully and be cautious about disclosing personal information.

Be Professional

When managing a college-affiliated department or organization social media channel, you are speaking for LSC-Tomball. Itís important to keep your communications professional, even as a staff or faculty member on your personal social media profiles, just as you would strive to do in emails or other business messages.

Brand Identity on Social Media

Itís important that all college-affiliated social media channels evidently represent LSC-Tomball. This does not mean that they must all be identical in voice and content, but through their professionalism and transperancy, they will both speak to their respective audiences and exemplify the values of the college.  Please refer to Lone Star College Branding guidelines for an overview, and below are some social-media-specific resources.

These guidelines are intended to complement existing LSC policy. If there is a conflict between the guidelines provided and the LSC policy it is unintentional and the LSC policy shall supercede.

Stay Active

Do not maintain dormant social media accounts bearing the LSC-Tomball name. If you have created a social media account that bears the college's, but that account is not used in regular and direct support of your objectives, you should take steps to have the account removed from the relevant social network.


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