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Sam Houston State University

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Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is ranked 21st among the top colleges/universities for social mobility in the 2024, U.S. News & World Report. This recognition highlights SHSUís commitment to promoting upward mobility for students, particularly those from lower-income backgrounds.

SHSU has a campus conveniently located adjacent to the University Center in the Woodlands. The site provides an excellent transfer option for Lone Star College (LSC) students who live or work in the area.

Through a close collaboration LSC and SHSU offer a 2+2 years = bachelor's degree pathway for students.

Hereís how it works:

  • Step 1: Associate degree completion: Students can complete their associate degree within 2 years at LSC.
  • Step 2: Seamless transfer: Afterward, students can seamlessly transfer to SHSU to complete their final 2 years, earning a bachelorís degree either in-person at the SHSU Woodlands Centeronline or via a hybrid route.
  • Step 3: Advanced degrees: Beyond the bachelorís level, students can pursue masterís and doctoral degrees at SHSU.

For more details: visit the SHSU transfer page.

Learn More

For questions and more information, complete the form below, call 936.202.5000, or visit SHSU - The Woodlands Center.

Programs offered

Sam Houston State University, Woodlands campus is conveniently located adjacent to the Lone Star College University Center and provides a wide range of in-person and hybrid degree programs for various levels:


  • Accounting (hybrid only)
  • Applied Arts and Sciences
  • Banking and Financial Institutions (hybrid only)
  • Education
  • Finance (hybrid only) 
  • General Business Administration (hybrid only)
  • Management (hybrid only)
  • Mass Communication Public Relations and Advertising
  • Nursing
  • Master's
  • Clinical Mental Health Counselling 
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • School Counseling
  • School Leadership
  • Special Education MA (LIDA)
  • Special Education MED
  • Sport Management


  • Counselor Education
  • Educational Leadership
  • Higher Education Leadership

SHSU also offer a range of online degree programs

How do I apply?

To apply please visit applications at SHSU.

Why choose us?

Here are some of the great benefits to studying a partnership program with Lone Star College (LSC) and Sam Houston State University (SHU):

  • Reverse Transfer of Credit: From SHSU to LSC allows students to complete requirements for the associate degree when they leave LSC and before completing a bachelor's degree.

  • Bearkat Transfer Scholarship: Transferring LSC students and employees are eligible to qualify for the Bearkat scholarship program, worth $2,000, which is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Joint admittance benefits: Students jointly admitted to LSC and SHSU receive access to:
    • Academic Advising Services: LSC students and employees admitted to SHSU can access academic advising services and counselling with both LSC and SHSU.
    • Career Services: SHSU Career Services team is available to offer additional support when needed.
    • Student ID and Computer/Libraries: For both institutions jointly admitted LSC students will receive a student ID, computer/internet account and access to computer labs and libraries.
    • Sporting Events: Access to attend sporting events at SHSU Ė cheer on the Bearkats!
    • Transcripts:
      • Unofficial Transcripts: Three unofficial transcripts from SHSU at no cost.
      • Official Transcripts: Have a third-party fee.
      • Electronic Transcripts: LSC will have access to free electronic transcripts from SHSU upon request from the student for transmission of transcripts.
    • LSC Honors Students: LSC Honors students admitted to SHSU will have the opportunity for:
      • Admission to SHSU Honors College: LSC Honors students who meet the admission criteria, including full-time enrollment of at least 12 hours, will be accepted into the SHSU Honors College.
      • Transfer of Honors Credits: SHSU accepts up to 12 hours of transfer Honors credits from LSC.
      • Financial Aid Eligibility: Honors transfer students will be eligible for merit and need-based aid based on their qualifications.
      • Housing Opportunities: If space permits, LSC Honors students can live in SHSU Honors housing.
      • Additional Opportunities: LSC and SHSU collaborate to provide potential additional benefits to Honors transfer students, such as potential aid for housing, travel, study abroad, and joint admissions benefits.

How much will my tuition cost?

1. Lone Star College tuition (LSC):

  • Completing your first two years at LSC saves you thousands of dollars.
  • Tuition rates: LSC tuition rates vary based on residency. You can find detailed estimates using the LSC Tuition and Fees chart.
  • Average LSC tuition: For full-time undergraduate studentsí resident in Texas = $1,236 per semester for 12 credit hours, (2023-2024).

2. LSC Financial Aid

Financial aid plays a crucial role in helping students and their families cover college costs. At LSC, students can access various types of financial aid, including grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships. These awards are tailored to individual needs and circumstances:

3. Sam Houston State University (SHSU) tuition:

  • Tuition changes: As students transfer from LSC to SHSU, tuition rates will change based on residency and the chosen program.
  • Average SHSU tuition: For full-time undergraduate studentsí resident in Texas = $2,928 per semester for 12 credit hours, (2023-2024).
  • For further information: SHSU Tuition and Fees.


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