Become a Supplier

Becoming an LSC Supplier

The first step in the process is to register as a Supplier. Log into the iStar Vendor Portal through Internet Explorer and click on the Register as a Supplier link.

Instructions for completing a Supplier registration

Upon registration completion you will receive a confirmation email containing your Supplier ID number, User ID and Password.  Save this information for future use, as you will need it in order to participate in upcoming bids.

To complete the registration, you will need to log into the iStar Vendor Portal with your User ID and Password and select your category or commodity codes that pertain to the services or supplies your business provides.

The vendor services team will review all registrations and contact you with any questions or further instructions.

Vendor Services: vendors@lonestar.edu

For questions or information on the registration process, contact Donna Cottrell:

Email: Donna.Cottrell@LoneStar.edu
Phone: 832-813-6275.

Supplier Selection Process

  • The Supplier registers in iStar and selects the categories or commodities that the particular Supplier sells. Instructions for completing a Supplier registration
  • The electronic bid process selects Suppliers who have registered for a specific bid category
  • The bid (event) is open and the Suppliers are notified via email that a bid is open for their specific categories selected during the supplier registration process.
  • Through informal quotes.
  • Purchasing Cooperative awarded contracts .




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