ENGL 0308

Course Description: This course is designed to help non-native English speaking students and professionals gain the proficiency in listening and speaking needed to  succeed in college-level  classes and business settings. Communication skills are practiced in interpersonal, small group, and large group contexts.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

1.  Evaluate the effectiveness of a presentation, lecture, or speech.

2.  Identify signal words and vocal inflections that indicate patterns of organization, transitions, emphasis, and point of view.

3.  Take lecture notes that distinguish between main points and supporting details.

4.  Orally paraphrase and summarize the content of a presentation, lecture, speech, or meeting.

5.  Consider the audience when selecting, narrowing, and developing a topic for a presentation.

6.  Prepare and present effective introductions, supporting ideas, and conclusions.

7.  Effectively control volume, rate, pausing, eye contact, facial expressions, and body language when speaking.

8.  Use note cards, outlines, and visual aids effectively.

9.  Use appropriate patterns of stress, intonation, and emphasis to increase comprehensibility.

10.  Appropriately communicate an opinion, express agreement/disagreement, or persuade listeners in a discussion or meeting.

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