ENGL 0308

Course Description: This course is designed to increase students’ correct usage of advanced English language skills, especially grammatical accuracy in speaking and writing and to develop strong editing skills. Theme-based presentation, inductive exercises and common errors related to target structures are presented using authentic academic contexts.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

1.    Use proofreading, editing, and self-monitoring techniques and apply their understanding of grammar to improve their own writing and speaking.

2.    Use sophisticated grammar structures and rules of the language such as the verb system in contrast; gerunds, infinitives and verb complements; the passive voice; articles; noun, adjective and adverb clauses in both speaking and writing.

3.    Recognize and edit for syntactical errors such as subject-verb agreement, pronoun reference, and tense shifts in both speaking and writing.

4.    Summarize and paraphrase articles and college level reading materials orally and in writing.

5.    Recognize logical fallacies in reading and correct them in writing. 

6.    Recognize purpose and tone and in college level readings.

7.    Use reading strategies to recognize and draw inferences from college level reading materials. 

8.   Write responses to authentic articles and college level text. 

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