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Vendor Sources

Q. How do I find an approved vendor for a particular service or good?

If in doubt, contact the Commodity Manager assigned to the category. 


Q.  I am not able to see a requisition for approval, can the requisition be redirected to me?
Example: If Jane is an Approver in iStar and the Requester’s Approval page shows her REQ is PENDING her approvals then the REQ does not need to be redirected.  The Requester needs to EDIT the Requisition and SAVE and SUBMIT it again.  Jane should have been able to see it the 1st time but just in case there was a problem then it was resent. 

Q.  How do I APPROVE a Requisition
Requisitions can be approved in iStar thru the Worklist (Worklist > Worklist or Worklist Details) or Manager Self-Service (Manager Self Service > Procurement > Manage Approvals).

Q.  My Requisition is in Budget Error
If the month has rolled over to a new month during the same timeframe the REQ was awaiting budget transfers or approvals then the Accounting date will throw it into Error.  Please have the Buyer change the Accounting Date to the current date and budget check.


Purchase Orders

Q. How can I adjust my PO after it has dispatched?
Contact Candis Hargrave or the Commodity Manager for assistance

Q. Can I close a PO?
Contact Candis Hargrave or the Commodity Manager for assistance

Q. Can I cancel a PO?
Contact Candis Hargrave or the Commodity Manager for assistance

Q. Can I add a line to my PO or change other things?
Contact Candis Hargrave or the Commodity Manager for assistance

Q. How do I do a special order for Tejas/Staples products?
First you may need to get a quote from our Staples representative. To order, navigate to eProcurement Create Requisition and enter the information for creating a Special Request Requisition. When entering the vendor use the appropriate location – E DIVERSITY for Office Supply Special Items or NOT DIRECT for Non-Office Supply Special items.

Q. Please Dispatch PO XXXXX the vendor did not receive it?
 Requisitions are approved often without Vendor email addresses on them. Please verify on the vendor record that the email address listed is valid or that there is an email address on the vendor record. If the email is incorrect, please contact Keith Williams with the correction. If there is no email address in the vendor record, please contact the vendor for a valid email address for receiving POs and send it to Keith Williams to add to the vendor record.

If the vendor simply didn’t get the PO, please contact Candis Hargrave or the Commodity Manager to have the PO re-dispatched to the vendor.

Q. My PO is at an Approved status but not Dispatching.  
There is either no email address or an incorrect email in the vendor record.
Another possibility is that the PO is in budget error. Review the budget error (Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Review PO Information > Purchase Orders > Error link in the PO page) and contact the budget manager or campus business office to get the error corrected.Procurement Contracts

Procurement Contracts

Q. When is it necessary to enter a contract?
Contracts are used when receiving a service and a written and executed (requires all parties to sign) contract is used. This applies to a one- time service or services over an extended period of time.

Q. Where can I find approved contract forms? 
Approved contract forms may be downloaded from the LSCS website > Office of the General Counsel>. The blank form may be completed and printed from the site, scanned and emailed to the vendor for signature.


Q. When do I need to use a procurement contract and where can I find instructions?
When you have an executed written contract document you use a purchase order procurement contract (PC) to release a PO or a recurring voucher (RV) procurement contract to release a payment directly. (recurring vouchers do not have a matching invoice number for back tracking).  Attach the documents in the header comment section of the procurement contract document in iStar. 

Vendor Returns

Q. How do I do a return to Vendor (RTV)?  
Review the Job Aid for returns located at MyLonestar > iStar > Finance Policies.

Q. What is a RMA Number?
Return Merchandise Authorization – the vendor provides an RMA # when the return is approved by the vendor.


Q. Why can’t I use account XXXX that’s where the funds are budgeted?
All accounts are locked to a category; therefore, you cannot determine the account number at will. You may have to add a corresponding GL string to your dept budget so the system will recognize the REQ chartfield as valid.

Q. How do I know what’s holding funds in my budget?
Use the Budget Overview (Commitment Control > Review Budget Activity > Budget Overview) to view the expenses, encumbrances, and pre-encumbrances on the budget. The balance in each column will be a link to view the transactions applied to the budget. Click on the checkbox for viewing open transactions only. This will remove any transactions which have been reconciled in the budget. Any transactions which are left listed are creating the balances. The transactions will be identified by their module of origin – Purchase Order, Requisition, Expense Report, etc. The ID for the transaction can then be used to research the funds being held on the budget.

Q. Who does a budget journal?
At the campus, a budget journal is submitted online & approved via workflow.


Q. Who changes the department/budget managers?
Craig Price in System Office Accounting can make changes to the manager of a department.

VENDOR MASTER (Vendor set up & W9’s)

Q. Is this vendor in the system?
To look up if a vendor is in iStar log into iStar and navigate to Vendors > Vendor Information > Add/Update > Vendor. Use the Name 1 field with the search criteria changed from “begins with” to “contains” to search for the vendor.

Q. What do I need to have in order to get an address changed or updated on a vendor?
Send the vendor request for an address change to Keith Williams.  If it is an invoice showing a different remit to address than what is in the system, AP will make that request and supply me with a copy of the invoice for verification purposes.  We always want to make certain that if the new address replaces an old one, we want to eliminate that address from the selections.

Q. Where is our W-9 located on the Intranet?
Path: Employee Intranet > Forms > Tax > Substitute W-9/ Vendor Application form (file name)


Q. A vendor has contacted me and said that we are in their system as North Harris Montgomery Community College District (or NHMCCD) and they need a name change letter.  Can you tell me where I can get that?
Keith Williams can provide the information.

Q. How do I go about getting a vendor set up in the system?
First, determine if we have another vendor already in the system that provides that type of service or good or if we may have a contract with a vendor for those services or goods.
Second, send our Substitute W-9 Vendor Request Form to the vendor you want entered and return that form to me and I will enter them.  After the vendor is set up, you will be notified of their ID# and short name.

Q. Why isn’t the IRS W-9 an acceptable form?
Our system, iStar, requires more information to be collected than what the IRS W-9 offers. 

Q. What if I send the vendor the correct form and they send me back the IRS W-9?
You will need to contact the vendor and ask them to fill out our form as it is required.

Q. What if a vendor refuses to fill out our form?
Find an alternate vendor who will provide the required goods or services. 
Vendors who do not provide a completed W 9 are automatically deducted 28% tax from their payment, per IRS requirements.

Credit Applications

Who fills out credit applications?  Who fills out contact information forms? 
They are processed by Keith Williams and reviewed by the Legal department

Tax Exempt Certificate

Q. Where is the Tax Exempt Certificate located on the Intranet?
Path: Employee Intranet > Forms > Tax > TX Sales and Use Tax Exempt Certificate (file name)

Insurance Certificates

Q. Who do I send Certificates of Insurance to?
Keith Williams will accept them and save them for the department.

Q. What do I need to have in order to get an address changed or updated on a vendor?
Send the vendor request for an address change to Keith Williams.  If it is an invoice showing a different remit to address than what is in the system, AP will make that request and supply me with a copy of the invoice for verification purposes.  We always want to make certain that if the new address replaces an old one, we want to eliminate that address from the selections.

Supervisor Approvals

Q. Why doesn’t my supervisor approve my requisitions like they do for Expense Reports?
Expense Reports and Requisitions run off different approval processes.
Expense Reports will only be charged to the department a user is assigned to as set by Human Resources, so the Expense Report can only affect a single budget. The approval process runs off of the organizational chart for staff supervisors which Human Resources handles.

Requesters can apply any department in the system to a requisition they enter. This is so a requester can create an order for multiple departments or act as backup to another department. So an order that a requester in the Welding department enters may use a budget code for the Science department. This order cannot be approved by the Welding department supervisor as it will affect the budget for the Science department.
With that in mind, the requisition approvals go to the budget managers of departments entered into the requisition so they can have control over what pulls funds from their budget regardless of who enters the order.

Direct Pays

Q. How do I request a direct pay?
Direct Pay Guidelines Link: (Direct Payment Request Form can also be found at this location)

Vehicles & EZ Tag

Q. I would like to get an EZ Tag for my car.  How do I go about getting one?
Submit a letter justifying why you feel you should be allowed to have an EZ Tag at LSCS’s expense.  Do you travel for the college?  Submit that letter to Keith Williams and she will submit the request to Carin Hutchins for approval.  If approval is given, then Keith will need the following information: Year, make, model, color and license plate number on the vehicle you will be using and the Budget Code that your charges will be expensed to.  Once the tag comes in, Keith Williams will activate the tag, notify you that it is in and arrangements will be made to either pick it up at the SO or have it sent to you by inter-office mail.

Q. What happens to my EZ Tag if I get a new vehicle or have the windshield replaced?
The EZ Tag cannot be removed and cannot be used again.  If for any reason, the tag is removed, a new one must be obtained.  For every tag activation, there is a $10.00 fee.

Q. What happens if I go through an EZ Tag lane and I do not have an EZ Tag? 
If the vehicle is registered to LSCS, we will receive a violation letter and it must be paid immediately or it will be turned over for immediate collection.

Q. We have purchased a new vehicle.  How do we get it registered? 
Send all the original paperwork to Keith Williams.  All vehicles need to be marked with identifying decals and photos of that vehicle showing the decal placement must be submitted before the request can be sent for plates and title.  Once received and submitted, plates and title will be mailed to Keith Williams at SO and she will notify you when they have arrived.  You can either pick them up at the SO or Keith can send them to you by inter-office mail.