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How to submit a Student Life marketing request.

Please check the following requirements and information:
  •  For ALL marketing please have Date, Time, Location FINALIZED and confirmed.
  •  For events please have an event registration form completed first.
  •  For promo items, please have an item request form completed first.
  • Please proofread all your materials. Check spelling, names, titles, etc...

Please consider the following questions before requesting services:

  •  What is the purpose of the project you are requesting?
  •  What is the core message?
  •  Who is the target audience for your message?
  •  How can this audience best be reached?
  •  What is the “call-to-action” someone needs to take the next step?
  •  What is your budget for this project?
  •  What is the reason for this deadline?

Project Scheduling: Please allow adequate time for your project to be scheduled for any necessary design, printing & production. Keep in mind that:

  • Priority will be given to projects that are connected to system-wide strategic initiatives.
  • Changing the scope or direction of a project can extend turnaround time.
  •  Alterations to a project’s information or design can extend turnaround time.
  • Projects with deadlines shorter than what is listed may require department approval or be declined.

Marketing Link

  • Student Organization events only: an EVENT REGISTRATION FORM must be completed before a request will be accepted. This can be obtained at the Student Life office B13.260.
  • For any non-event related requests that involve student clubs or organizations, complete the following form: Marketing Request

Requests must be submitted at least three weeks before you need the materials. When Student Life receives your request, its graphic designer will schedule a meeting with you.

Student Life Marketing Timeline