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LSC-University Park Clubs


Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club provides opportunities for students to learn about various topics in astronomy. Students learn about celestial objects and phenomena while visiting private and public observatories, planetariums, solar parties and hosting campus star parties.

Advisor: Ying Yi

Chess Club

The Chess Club promotes strategic and mental excellence through chess and multiple opportunities to interact with other students. Membership is open to LSC-University Park students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Advisors: Roger Rodriguez and Kevin Tucker

Fine Arts Club

The Fine Arts Club provides a creative environment for students to dive into the rich culture of the arts. Students are given opportunities to explore different forms of artistry, build collaborative relationships and heighten interest and awareness for all forms of creative expression.

Advisor: Kari Breitigam

Justice Agents of Change

The Justice Agents of Change Club provides opportunities for students interested in learning more about careers in law enforcement, criminology and related fields. The goal is to promote awareness of current community issues, discuss how to better the community and share knowledge and ideas to change the criminal justice system.

Advisor: Jermaine Johnson

Student Business Organization (SBO)

SBO serves as a networking outlet for students interested in the business field. Members learn various key strategies and objectives which teach beneficial business habits.

Advisors: Sheryl Jimerson and Maurica Vickerson


Teachers2B offers professional and personal growth opportunities for students who are interested in the education field. Members learn about education programs and transfer options, meet fellow future teachers and engage in community service projects catered to EC-12th grade children.

Advisor: Melissa "Dawn" Gatlin

The Free Radicals

The Free Radicals is a club for students who have an interest in chemistry. The club promotes interest by stimulating scientific curiosity and provide members ample volunteer opportunities for community involvement. Members also develop strong leadership skills which lead toward merit award opportunities.

Advisor: Pamela Auburn

Uproar Publications

“Uproar” is the literary/arts magazine of LSC-University Park that is published each spring. All students are encouraged to submit personal work such as writing, photography and art that may be featured in the magazine.

Advisors: David Miller and Greg Oaks

University Park Express Network (UPEN)

UPEN, a student chapter of the American Business Women’s Association, brings students of diverse backgrounds together. The group presents personal and professional opportunities in leadership, education, networking support, scholarships and national recognition.

University Park Historical Society

Members of the University Park Historical Society use history as a tool to raise awareness of contemporary social, political and cultural issues around the world. Members explore documents, artifacts and events in history to understand how the past has shaped the future and what lessons can be learned.

Advisor: Kevin Tucker


Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU provides opportunities for students to express their views concerning current events, academics, cultural arts and campus life. Students of all races are welcome to celebrate black culture, lifestyles and history, as well as participate in volunteer opportunities in African-American communities.

Advisor: Kevin Carreathers

International Studies Club

The International Studies Club brings together students who are interested in international studies and travel. Students participate in an array of cultural events, interact with international students, all while learning more about the study abroad program and international studies degree.

Advisor: Misty Sabol


Honor Society

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

HOSA provides opportunities for students who are interested in the medical field by helping them develop professional networking relationships in the medical community. HOSA members enjoy opportunities to hear various guest speakers and volunteer for local community  projects, both on-and off-campus.

Advisors: Heather Bennett and Sonal Tonger

Honors College Student Organization

The LSC-University Park Honors College is an academic program designed for high-achieving students seeking to improve their college transcripts with challenging coursework across all disciplines. 
Students take an active role in honors programs and activities, which aim to help develop strong research and leadership skills.

Advisor: Brian Kyser

National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)

NSCS is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high-achieving students on more than 300 university and community college campuses nationwide. NSCS provides career and graduate school connections, leadership and service opportunities and awards $1,000,000 in scholarships annually. NSCS members are deeply committed to scholarship, leadership and service and, as a result, are impacting their campus and local communities every day.

Advisor: Nicole Stalnaker

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK)

PTK at LSC-University Park is an active, high-achieving chapter committed to student excellence. PTK members have the opportunity to travel and present at regional and national conferences, take part in campus service projects and build their leadership skills. PTK membership is extended by invitation.

Advisors: Frank Rodriguez, Heather Brasher and Christopher Allen

Psi Beta

Psi Beta is a scholastic honor society that recognizes academic achievement among students in the field of psychology. This chapter of the national organization encourages professional development and psychological literacy for students through scholarships, leadership, research and community service.

Advisor: Cherry Sawyerr


Generic Gaming (GG)

The GG club provides entertainment for students who have a passion for gaming. Members meet and play a variety of games in a friendly environment.

Advisor: Stephanie Smith

Great Outdoors Club

This club gives students opportunities to combine interests in nature, geology and community service while enjoying the great outdoors. Club members participate in varied outdoor activities, such as camping, kayaking, hiking, exploring and hammocking.

Advisors: Bryn Benford and Juanita Hall

Student Activities Board (SAB)

SAB enriches the student experience through holistic programs and campus activities. SAB works to create activities for the entire student body that are fun, engaging and connect students to LSC-University Park.

Advisor: Sarah Ray

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are LSC-University Park’s student representatives, serving as liaisons between current LSC-University Park students, future students and the LSC-University Park community.
Ambassadors act as hosts for university functions, including banquets, luncheons, special events, meetings, visitation days, orientations and career fairs.

Advisor: Sheryl Jimerson

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the voice of LSC-University Park students and works to address campus needs. This group of elected individuals provides opportunities for leadership and personal development and is committed to addressing student issues and concerns.

Advisor: Darrel Lovell


Men's Soccer Club

The Men’s Soccer Club is an intramural sports team that plays in a regional soccer league. Tryouts are held in the fall for those interested in joining the team.

Advisor: Juan Sosa Izquierdo


The Core

The Core is a Christian club for students who want to join others as they worship and learn more about their faith.

Advisor: Sarah James