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LSC-CyFair Medical Radiologic Technology Application Process

Important Dates

Item Date
Apply to LSC – Send official transcripts Deadline: May 5, 2017
Program Application Deadline:  May 26, 2017, 3pm
PSB Test January 18, 2017 - May 23, 2017
Mandatory MRT Orientation June 14, 2017
Mandatory Allied Health Orientation July 12, 2017

Program Admission Process

Because clinical space is limited, students are admitted on a competitive basis. In addition to the general admission requirements of Lone Star College (LSC), the following requirements must be met in order to be considered for admission to the Medical Radiologic Technology (MRT) AAS program.

Note: The course requirements listed below can be met through either enrollment at Lone Star College or approved transfer credit from other colleges and universities or test credit.

Required Pre-Requisites

Completion of pre-requisites BIOL 2404 or BIOL 2401 and BIOL 2402 with a “C” or better within the previous five years.

  • The courses must have been completed prior to submission of an application for the Radiologic Technology program (by the end of the summer semester in the year you are applying).
  • If coursework is older than 5 years when applying to the program, students must take BIOL 2404.

Academic Course Completion

The following requirements will grant additional points towards the admission score, based on the grade received for the courses.
(A = 4 points, B=3 points, C=2 points, D=1 point)
 Completion of the following courses with a “C” or better:

Bonus points for Completion of Related Coursework

The following course requirements will grant one (1) additional point per course towards the admission score, based on a grade of C or better, up to a maximum of five (5) points.

  • Introduction to Computer Science:
    • ITSC 1301 - Introduction to Computers
    • COSC 1301 - Introduction to Computers
    • BCIS 1305 - Business Computer Applications
  • EDUC 1300 - Learning Framework: 1st Year Experience
  • HPRS 1001 - Intro to Health Professions
  • HITT 1305 - Medical Terminology I
  • HPRS 2300 - Pharmacology for Health Professions
  • HPRS 2301 - Pathophysiology
  • HPRS 2321 - Med. Law & Ethics for Health Professions

PSB Aptitude Test

All applicants must take the Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) Health Occupations Aptitude Test.  Check Exam Ticket for testing dates and instructions.

Work, Volunteer or Observation in Medical Imaging Experience

If you are selected for an interview, you will have the opportunity to provide work or volunteer experience in Medical Imaging.  This documentation may give you credit towards the Face to Face interview score.

  • Your previous or current employer is required to complete and return the volunteer/work experience/observation verification form directly to you, your previous or current employer must sign across the seal of the envelope to ensure authenticity.

Please provide the form to the MRT Program Director at the Face to Face interview if selected for the Face to Face interview.

Licenses or Certifications

If you are selected for an interview and already hold any of the following licenses or certifications you may be given credit towards your Face to Face interview score. Licenses or certificates must be current and up to date in order to be considered for credit towards the Face to Face interview score.

  • RN, CMA, Massage Therapy, Pharmacy Tech
  • EMT, RESP, Paramedic, LVN, EMT Level 2
  • PTA, Ortho Tech, EMT Basic
  • RT(N)(T)(S), LMRT, CMA, Surgery Tech

Lone Star College Admission Process

The admission process differs between new applicants to Lone Star College and current students who wish to apply to the program and change their major.
Please note the appropriate process that applies to you.

New Applicants

  • Submit the LSC Online Application for admission.
  • Ensure you select the Radiologic Technology Program on your LSC Online Application for admission.
  • Submit an official high school transcript showing proof of graduation to the admission office at the LSC-CyFair.
  • Submit an official transcript from each non-LSC college or university you have attended to the admission office at either the LSC-CyFair. Transcripts must be received at Lone Star College no later than 3 weeks prior to the end of the application period.  See dates above.
  • Submit any other test scores (i.e. ACT, SAT, AP, CLEP, IB).

Current Students

  • Contact the Radiologic Technology Program advisor and schedule a meeting to review if you meet admission requirements. The advisor will review your academic record and advise you on next steps. If you are eligible to apply to the program, the advisor will initiate a change of major to reflect you interest in the program.

PSB Aptitude Test

All applicants (including current LSC students) must take the Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) Health Occupations Aptitude Test.  Check Exam Ticket for testing dates and instructions.

Selection Process

  • After the application deadline for a semester, all applicants will be ranked by ISTAR according to the criteria on the Score Sheet.
  • Students will be selected for a face to face interview based on the highest cumulative scores based on the admission criteria.
  • The face to face interview will consist of a panel interview and essay writing. Applicants with valid work experience, volunteer, observation and licenses or certifications will be asked to bring documentation to the interview for additional points.
  • Students accepted into the program are also required to submit proof of required immunizations, TB test, and proof of current CPR certification (2-year healthcare provider type). All expenses related to these items are the responsibility of each student.
  • Mandatory MRT orientation in June 2017
  • Mandatory New Allied Health Program Student Orientation July 2017

Final Acceptance Process

  • Final acceptance into the program is contingent upon a satisfactory background check and drug screen that is completed by a college approved agency at the student's expense. Clinical facilities may also require completion of a satisfactory background check and drug screening.

Legal Information

Lone Star College Policy is consistent with Texas law as to requirements and admission of any resident or non-resident student.  For admission and tuition purposes, residency is defined within Texas Education Code §54.052.

In addition, LSC will notify students prior to, but not as a condition or requirement of admission, that  health care facilities will require students to have a Social Security number or a Visa as a condition of being assigned to a clinical facility. Students who are unable to complete the LSC health program clinical skills requirement will not be able to complete the program due to a lack of clinical placement.

Additionally, LSC will notify students that a Social Security number or a Visa may be required for a background check, and may also be required for taking the licensing examination upon completion of program requirements.