The Lone Star College Student Success Initiative requires that each student be properly placed into courses according to the student's needs. If a student does not have a prerequisite course, a test score is necessary for course placement. Since the score on the assessment test will determine the student's sequence of courses, it is highly recommended to do some test preparation so that the score and consequent placement will be in the student's best interest.

How well a student performs on their standardized tests determines how their college path begins.

Pre-Assessment Activity

All students requiring the TSI Asssessment must complete a Pre-Assessment Activity. This is designed to help students do their best on their placement tests.

The Pre-Assessment Activity can be done in-person through a test-preparation session, or online through the myLoneStar Student Portal. Once completed, students will be able to schedule their TSI Assessment.

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Test Preparation Classes

Standardized tests can be intimidating and stressful, but they don't have to be. Students can better prepare themselves by taking Test Prep classes before they sit for their exams. Test Prep is for students who want help or to review before taking the ACT, SAT, or GED tests.

Through Lone Star College Test Preparation (Test Prep) classes, students can review subjects relevant to the test they are taking such as reading, writing, and math.

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Test Preparation Workshops and Review Sessions

Students preparing to take placement tests can attend any test preparation workshop at any Lone Star College campus. Each workshop is approximately three hours long and provides the student with an overview of placement tests, sample questions and problems and a study plan as a guide to tackle the test.


View our Placement Test Review Sessions
Academic Success Center
2nd Floor
Learning Commons / Library


Placement Test Review Sessions
LSC-Kingwood Learning Center
Performing Arts Center, Room 200


Register for a Session Online
For more information about Test Prep call 936.273.7373 or visit the Courtesey Counter in Building C, Room 203

LSC-North Harris

Office of Academic Success Initiatives for Students (OASIS)
Academic Building, 200

LSC-University Park

Lone Star College–University Park
Building 13, Room 240

Learning Express Library

The Lone Star College partnership with Learning Express allows all Lone Star College students to access test preparation in many areas. New users of the Learning Express Library will need to set up an account using their Lone Star College e-mail.

Additional Test Preparation Websites