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Notice of Meeting

There are no meetings scheduled at this time. The SFAC will resume meetings once the SAF allocation for FY21 has been released.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

LSC-CyFair SFAC Membership List


1-year terms filled by SGA President and SGA V.P. of Records & Finance.

2-year terms filled by vote of SGA General Assembly.

1-Year Term 2019-2020 Edilberto F. Carrizales (SGA President)
1-Year Term 2019-2020 Nashita Kazim (SGA V.P. of Records & Finance)
2-Year Term 2019-2021 Erika M. Guerra (elected by SGA 10/19)
2-Year Term 2019-2021 Michael Murphy (elected by SGA 10/19)
2-Year Term 2018-2020 Chris DeMario (elected by SGA to fill seat vacated by E. Carrizales, 2019-20 SGA President)

EMPLOYEE MEMBERS (All positions approved by Dr. Keshvala.)

3-Year Term 2019-2022 Rodrick Moore
3-Year Term 2017-2020 Brenda Piatiak
3-Year Term 2017-2020 Alex B. Smith
3-Year Term 2018-2021 Valerie Pinto



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