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Providing Academic Support to Students (PASS) Program

Do you qualify for the LSC-University Park PASS Program

The LSC-University Park PASS Program is for students with the academic standing of Academic Probation, Continued Academic Probation, or Academic Suspension and plan to take classes for the upcoming semester at LSC-University Park.

Please note: all courses taken must be in person at the LSC-University Park campus

These academic standings result from one of the following circumstances:

Academic Probation:

  • Less than 2.0 semester GPA for the second time
  • Have previously been on academic warning

Continued Academic Probation:

  • Less than a 2.0 semester GPA
  • Have previously been on academic warning and probation
  • Cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher

Academic Suspension:

  • Less than 2.0 semester GPA
  • Have previously been on academic warning and probation
  • Cumulative GPA is less than a 2.0

How to Enroll in the PASS Program for the Spring 2020 Semester

1. Bring your current Academic Plan or print the PASS Instruction Form.

Make sure you're ready to register for classes at the University Park campus for the current semester.

2. Choose a Spring 2020 PASS Enrollment Session.

Click here to schedule an appointment for a session with a PASS advisor.

3. Choose two courses and put them in your shopping cart.


Student Success Resources

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Suspension Appeal Form

This Academic Suspension Appeal does not pertain to anything regarding Financial Aid. Students that are not meeting Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) must follow the Financial Aid Appeal Process. Financial Aid Questions can be directed to the Financial Aid Office 281.290.2700 or email FACC@LoneStar.edu

This form has been deactivated and is closed to any further submissions. The form was available for Spring 2020 Registration from November 19, 2019 thru January 10, 2020.



LSC-University Park PASS Advisors

Monique Wiltz
PASS Program Advisor II

Gloria Mazula
PASS Program Advisor I

Jamerson Hamlin
PASS Program Advisor I


For any other questions, please email UP-PASS@LoneStar.edu or stop by the Advising offices (B13.200). We look forward to seeing you at your appointment and thank you for choosing LSC-University Park.

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