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II.L.1. Advertising Approval

II.L.1.01. Authorized Persons Advertising

Print, broadcast, Web, mail, and outdoor display advertising may be used as communication to promote the products or services or convey important messages of the College.

The Chancellor or designees must approve College advertising. Advertising to recruit faculty and staff will be conducted through Human Resources. Vendor-supplied advertising opportunities may be considered in purchasing practices.

The Vice Chancellor for Government and Public Relations or designees shall manage the College’s relationships with advertising agencies and other related providers.

II.L.1.02.College Use of Identity and Branding Elements

The names, logos, trademarks, and other identifying marks of the College are valuable College assets, as set forth in another policy.  As such, these marks may be used by its Foundation, Board of Trustees, colleges and centers only with the express approval of the Vice Chancellor for Government and Public Relations or designee.

The College’s logos may be used by any College office for authorized College publications and activities. The official College style book outlines procedures governing use of identifying marks.  The logotypes may not be altered or presented except as outlined in the College style book.

II.L.1.03.Creation of Branding Elements

The creation of branding elements (e.g., slogans, taglines, and logotypes) is the responsibility of the Vice Chancellor for Government and Public Relations or designee. Entities within the College wishing to create branding elements for departments, programs, or events must adhere to the process outlined in the College style book.

II.L.1.04. Outside Advertising at the College

College departments and programs may accept advertising such as the display of commercial logos or slogans at sponsored events, or ads in publications in exchange for fees or services. The College reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that does not serve the College’s educational mission or does not meet the College’s standards.

Outside businesses and organizations must obtain written permission to distribute advertising on College premises. Proposals to post links on any College website that connect to businesses and organizations must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Government and Public Relations or designees.

LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 1, 2016