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LSC-CyFair Art Department

Lone Star College-CyFair offers art lecture courses as well as foundational and intermediate classes in studio arts and design. These classes are transferrable to most universities. For detailed information on our courses, please refer to the LSCS Catalog.

Students have the opportunity to exhibit their work at LSC-CyFair's Bosque Gallery. On occasion, the gallery will host exhibits by established professional artists for the viewing pleasure of students and guests to the Center for the Arts.

Art Courses

Art HistoryArt Lecture

Art Appreciation is designed to appeal to students who are beginning to study visual art. Art Appreciation is also appropriate for non-majors. Through a consideration of abundant images, students will explore why and how art is created. Students will learn about individual artists and the arts of diverse cultures.

Art History: Prehistory to Gothic and Art History: Renaissance to Modern examine the history of art with an emphasis on how art impacted history and how history influenced the creation of art. Students will explore both the Western tradition and the arts of diverse cultures from around the world. Both classes are transferrable to most universities. For more information, contact Art History Professors, Matt Backer or James Campbell.


Our program offers Ceramics I and II classes. The fully equipped studio allows students to gain experience using stoneware clay which is fired using both electric and reduction firing processes.

Students have the opportunity to experience a variety of traditional and alternative ceramics processes, such as Raku, Sagger, and pit firing. For more information contact Ceramics Professor, Kelley Eggert.


Our photography program offers both Photography I and II. We cover basic traditional darkroom photography technique in Photography I and move into digital photography using Mac computers in Photography II. Photography II students have the opportunity to experiment with more advanced techniques.

The photo lab is outfitted with all the equipment necessary to learn traditional photography processing techniques, plus a large format printer. For more information contact Photography Professor, Troy Huechtker.

Painting and DrawingPainting/Drawing

The painting and drawing studio features modern adjustable easels, excellent lighting, convenient lockers and clean-up area. The painting course includes instruction in using both acrylic and oil paints, plus many cutting edge mixed-media techniques.

Our drawing classes cover a variety of traditional drawing media such as charcoal, ink, conte and pencil. For more information contact Painting Professor, Renee Justiss


The 2-D design courses focus on basic qualities of visual elements, such as line, shape, color, and texture. 2-D design courses provide an environment where students of various interests (commercial and fine arts programs) develop the skills necessary to work in a collaborative design studio. Design I provides a foundational set of skills, while Design III focuses on color theory techniques.

Students have the opportunity to witness how designers employ these foundational skills in their work as animators, architects, graphic designers, and gallery artists. For more information contact Design Professor, Renee Justiss.

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