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English Tutor Policies and Procedures

The purpose of the Writing Center is to help students become proficient and confident with reading skills, grammar skills, and essay writing. The service is designed to assist student learning and create independent learners, not to write the essay or to ensure a passing grade for the student. The tutoring service is not a proofreading service, but will point out conspicuous errors.


1. Tutoring occurs on a first-come, first-served basis during scheduled hours. Hours are posted in the ELC. Tutoring may also be available by appointment during scheduled hours. See Appointment Rules for more information.


2. The English tutor will be at a table in the ELC, 2nd floor of the library.


3. A student should first log into AccuTrack at the computer by the Circulation/Reserve Desk.

How Long?

4. Three-hour rule: Students should not bring papers to sessions that are due within three hours. Students should come prepared to write on the draft the student and tutor are working on. Tutors have the right to terminate a session if a student does not wish to comply with the three-hour rule.
If the tutor is working with someone else, the ELC Assistant will make the tutor aware of the student's presence.
If needed, the tutor may spend up to 30 minutes with a particular student. If someone else is waiting, the tutor will move on to the next person waiting after that time.

What to Bring?

7. Whenever possible, a student should bring an assignment sheet for the paper being discussed.
8. Tutors will work with a student on only one paper at a time. A student should not bring several papers to work on at once.

What to Expect?

9. A tutor will not mark every mistake on a paper. It is the student's responsibility to proofread his/her own paper.
A tutor may concentrate on only one major flaw in an essay per session.
The tutoring service does not grade papers. Questions about a grade should be discussed with the professor, not the tutor.
The student must be present at the time his or her paper is being discussed